Is hunger in danger for humanity?


Illustration: AFP

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global trading system has failed. Countries with a large agricultural turnover, such as Kazakhstan and Vietnam, have introduced restrictions on grain exports. Russia also plans to make a similar decision. Such activities threaten economic and social stability in food insecure countries around the world. The food problem is exacerbated by the fact that the quality of food is becoming unsafe due to the competition of four multinational companies that control 75% of the world grain trade.

Is humanity in danger of starvation? No, our planet can feed everyone - but on condition that people comply with the system of interconnection in which they exist. If people observe the laws of nature, consume what is necessary for existence, in fraternal interaction with each other, as parts of a single organism, they do not need to be afraid of hunger. After all, the cause of all crises is only in our cruel attitude towards each other.

We have to seriously think and revise the food distribution system both within each country and between countries, establishing anti-crisis cooperation, production and optimal distribution of food products in the world. In addition, we need to use the foodstuffs produced with greater prudence, since it is impossible to increase their production indefinitely, neglecting the laws of restoration and regeneration of natural resources . Otherwise, the growing trade crisis will be exacerbated by the environmental crisis.


  1. It's impossible to predict everything. But in our region, due to the high humidity, worms and beetles eat the crops on the vine. need to re-sow, if only there was no drought ..

  2. Cruelty to each other and hunger. Didn't understand the connection. Does my not very good attitude towards my neighbor have an impact on the food supply for people???

  3. That's right, but the capitalists, in order to raise prices and increase profits, even destroy part of the crop or deliberately burn accumulated stocks, I remember how thousands of tons of citrus fruits were burned in America ... How to reach out, shout to the rulers and those in power? How to make the UN work for the sake of peace and all the peoples of the earth? Will we manage with one call???

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