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women's work

Looking through my communities on Facebook, recently I constantly come across cries for help from mothers who unexpectedly found themselves locked at home with their children. A strange story unfolded. Suddenly no one knows what to do with them, how and what to do with them. And between the lines one can read indignation and a quiet groan, when will it all end and supposedly normal life will return, when the children are in kindergarten or at school, I am at work, and we see each other a couple of hours a day, if not less.

I don't know when it happened, but for some reason we shifted the responsibility for education from ourselves to professional people in kindergarten and school. For some reason, we believed that the educators and teachers would be better able to raise our children than we ourselves. I don't understand what this is about. Maybe with the wild pace of life of modern society, where everyone is endlessly running after money and consumption. And what do we get?

I worked as an English teacher in a high school for about a year and a half. Prior to that, she had been on the labor exchange for a whole year. I was ready for any job. But, once at school, it was as if she had fallen into a "cage with tigers." After a year and a half of severe stress, I filed a letter of resignation to the principal of the school right in the middle of the school year. Children, regardless of class, turned out to be so uncontrollable that their outrageous behavior was not included in any framework. Sometimes I heard in my address that we have already survived the chemist, we will survive you too. Once, after another conflict with a student, I called his parents to school. His mother told me without question that it was my job to deal with him. It was probably the apotheosis of everything that I went through as a school teacher.

I often hear that this quarantine will change everyone, that life will never be the same again. It seems to me that one of the most important aspects of these changes could be close attention to the issues of education. It may seem too radical to you, but I would suggest in the face of the upcoming rampant unemployment that women's work in raising their children be an official job. And not up to one and a half or three years, as is customary now, but up to adolescence, at least up to 12-13 years.

If we return the responsibility for the upbringing of children from professional institutions that are not involved in any upbringing to the family, then the next generation will be completely different. And in general, it seems to me that the upbringing of the next generation should be the main priority not only of the family, but also of the state.

Let's try to imagine this new generation of children raised by their parents. They are responsible, caring, they have a sense of empathy and collectivism. They respect the elders and help the younger ones. They feel responsible for their family, for their city, their country and for the world as a whole.


  1. In order to properly educate a new generation of children, you must first educate their parents. A new responsibility has fallen on modern parents - remote education of children in schools. For many, this is hard, and they are in a state of stress.

  2. If a mother had more time to educate her children, they would not grow up unloved. I remembered how one of my son's friends once said that his mother never loved him. She lived her own life, worked hard, returned home late from work. And he was always alone in the evenings ...

  3. The whole education system is wrong, so parents make the same mistakes that their parents had and now in the cap country even less attention is paid to children ... and children ask for everything fashionable and expensive, they all need gadgets, for which parents still need to earn money.

  4. My daughter is almost 20, and I really regret that self-isolation did not happen earlier, when she was in school and I could have paid much more attention to her.
    Everything has long been turned upside down: endless races for money, all sorts of benefits and far-fetched values! It is not easy now to return everything to its natural course: when the father earns, the mother takes care of the house and children ... And what would other children, brought up in the attention, love, care of their parents, be not “professionals” in kindergartens, schools and circles.
    No one will give my child as much and with all the dedication that I, her mother, can and gave, no one is so interested in this. Maybe someday humanity will come to this. For any mother, someone else's child will be like her own.
    Yes, it is not harmful to dream, it is harmful not to dream.
    Let's dream together about good things, because the power of a woman creates a lot with her desire.

  5. Thanks to Gulnara for the article, she touched me and made me think, it turns out that I am the same mother as most of today's mothers, I am not ready to raise and teach my children, my egoism has increased so much that I want to develop only myself and this made me so uncomfortable by oneself. It’s not that I didn’t think about it before, there were such thoughts before, but since kindergartens and schools worked and it was accepted as the norm in society, I especially drove these thoughts away. But now there is a reassessment and awareness of what is important and what is secondary. And now the question is how to stop this wound up mechanism in yourself from your loved one, stop and shift the focus point to such an important moment in life as raising your own children? This is a huge work and the support of society is needed here so that everything is aimed at approving and encouraging women's contribution to the family. The society of the future will first of all begin with a family where children will be brought up in love and care, I hope that this turning point in humanity will lead to such a result.

  6. Thank you, Gulya, for the article. Yes, a woman could do a lot for society if her work within the family would be valued in the same way as when she works. Many women would gladly be engaged in the education of their children and their comrades.

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