ego addiction


Everyone is waiting for the coronavirus to pass. Uncertainty and uncertainty about the future does not give rest.

Why are we not sure about the future? After all, it shouldn't be like that. There are fears that if I remain unemployed, the state will not do much, and friends and neighbors will not help to escape from hunger, as everyone is worried about themselves. And even the statement is considered normal and encouraging: "If you want to live, know how to spin."

How did it happen that we, living in one country, surrounded on all sides by ill-wishers, cannot rely on each other?! Most likely, an unusual disease is to blame for everything, for which I even came up with a name - “egomania”.

Egomania is a person's desire to live better than most of his surroundings, or at least not worse. And from year to year it becomes more and more difficult. And a person really needs to spin like a spinning top in order to earn a normal life. At the same time, absurd consumption and luxury have become the norm for many.

If we do not consider each one individually, but look at humanity as a whole, we will see that we are the most dangerous parasites for nature. We cut, sucked, dug, caught, shot and dirtied everything that was possible.

Coronavirus , in this case, is a medicine (not an antibiotic, but something easier) that the planet Earth took, arguing: “Suddenly it will feel better, and humanity will come to its senses? .. Of course, if it doesn’t help, then you will have to take something more seriously.”

It is ridiculous to describe our relationship with the planet, spiritualizing it. Just from my communication with people, I noticed that this way they are more penetrated, impressed and made more understandable by what is happening. If, for example, you are told that we are on the verge of a crazy catastrophe for all of humanity, and the rescue coronavirus has stopped the consumer economy and given us the opportunity to think, weigh our values, then this will make you smile or shake your head a little, they say, like: “Yes, Yes, I also think so beautifully. But the information itself did not reach the brain, but stopped somewhere on the external waving.

If, however, all systems are combined into one name “planet Earth”, and even spiritualized, they say, the poor woman suffers from parasites, and she herself needs to take measures to save herself, then the information is immediately perceived somehow differently. And thoughts creep in: what if she is angry with me personally too? .. And it even seems as if you can try to negotiate.

Well, and finally, let me remind you that the wine stops fermenting, because the bacteria that consume sugar produce alcohol. But when the level of their waste becomes critical, they die. And it doesn’t matter that because of the different temperatures it happens faster or slower, they still die.

Conclusion: we do not need to think about what laws to introduce to reduce consumption . It will only delay the end, but will not solve it. We need to re-educate. And instead of using others, in order to be better than them, you need to invest in them, help, share. And only then will we enter the stage of balance - harmony with nature.


  1. Everything is said in the article - it is necessary to educate and learn according to the correct methodology!

  2. Well, I understood it this way: everything, from tomorrow I wake up and become kind, forbid other people to litter, I myself monitor my actions, that is, I become a different person! But it’s more like when people start a “new life from Monday” .. Although it is possible to start it BUT how to change the world and yourself now in isolation?! ecology, we are such small insects each (

  3. Or maybe the rich mtrasego are to blame? After all, they pumped everything out, caught it, cut it down. And the seas are tankers with oil, because they have nowhere to merge.

  4. Unfortunately, a person really tries endlessly to prove to everyone that he is better, he has more and cooler, etc.
    But I think you can change something by starting with yourself personally: I don’t litter, I give in, I am more attentive to others, I am I ... and this will be a good, positive I-good example for others.
    If everyone begins to change even a little in this direction, I am sure that this will bring great changes in the world and relief for the planet as a whole.

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