Save yourself, man!

We gave our planet two months to breathe freely. She was blissfully quiet, twirling to herself, basking in the sun. I even forgot about my seismicity. Why? Factories-trains don’t rumble, underground explosions don’t shake it, the surface doesn’t jerk it. People scattered to their homes.

Suddenly it turned out that we could hear the Earth. We can hear what’s going on inside her. Scientists simply refuse to believe their ears and instruments.

The violent all-destroying activity of the “two-legged pests” fell silent, hushed up, they all hid in their lairs. And nature has responded favorably.

Suddenly, in Venice, fish are seen in the depths of the canals, in the suburbs of London, deer are walking, in Haifa a family of wild boars is looking for something in a street flower bed, sea lions are basking on piers in Kamchatka, and penguins are walking the streets in South Africa.

Right now, when we’re sort of getting back to our tumultuous activities, it’s worth asking: we have invested and want to invest even more billions and trillions to restore nature little by little, not hoping, of course, to restore it completely, but – to the extent of modest billions, so… Plant trees, clean up the oceans, and patch up a little of the rags we’re turning nature into. Wherever you sow us, we will grow, and nature cries out in pain.

So, the question is: Maybe all those trillions and other funds should be invested so that people would really sit quietly at home? First of all, they wouldn’t kill each other. And secondly, would you let nature take care of itself, get healthy without us?

To give money for an educational program that would explain to people and “their” future – that is, to children – what nature is capable of doing if we let it live, not suffocate under our power. That’s how to occupy them for the whole time, for their whole life – and nature will restore itself in the meantime. And then we’ll live like in heaven.

What, not enough money? Wow, that’s something… And the wounds of the Earth, the wretched nature, are enough? What, not enough food? And how many farms now receive subsidies-compensations not to sow and reap, not to breed and not to milk? If you let one Israeli kibbutz, he’ll fill up half of Moscow with vegetables. And if there’s another one to go along with it…

In short, for the money that goes into the production of keychains alone today, the Czech Republic could be fed for a few years. And they have enough for a beer. And how many go on cruises to spit overboard into someone else’s distant sea…

So agree, ladies and gentlemen, that as long as you keep your paws off the clean, natural stuff, you’ll be fine.

Let nature come alive, bring itself to life. Don’t get involved and it will renew itself. If you’re really that concerned about keeping nature alive – don’t interfere! And she will do, you have no idea what. Stay out of God’s creation, you two-legged pest.

The globe will rotate differently, the sun will shine differently, the birds will remember their old songs, everything will change. And to be more precise, it will become normal.Then come back some time later, measure the basic parameters, not to mention the atmosphere, the air, – you will be surprised yourself.

It’s like we live on another planet! The reason is simple: everything we decide in life, in planning, we decide with our narrow selfishness. Nature can’t handle it, it just doesn’t have the animal selfishness that humans do. Which means there will be no good and no order until you correct your selfishness. Do something with it, then you can do something on Earth. But only to the extent of curbing their animal – well, okay, human – selfishness.

You don’t need to save nature, take care of yourself. Save yourself, man! Because she tolerates it, but if you bring her to it…

So get this straight: you are the problem that you, not nature, must solve. You take care of yourself, you get away from nature a little bit, and you finally realize that you don’t have to go anywhere. Nothing. Just tune into this integral picture of nature, tune into it, and live. And not to create, sticking out your tongue with the tension, the impression that you live.

We do not understand its integrality, its perfection. We can’t figure it out. We just need somewhere to put our naughty hands and our zealous brains to stop using them temporarily, as long as our selfishness is pulling the levers. Let them lie there until we can teach him how to behave so he doesn’t make a nuisance of himself. And how to behave with others, well, and in general – on such a beautiful Earth.

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