Is distance learning effective?

distance learning

Science Advances magazine reported on an experiment in online learning that involved 325 sophomores from three Russian technical universities.

HSE scientists and their American colleagues randomly divided students from the faculties of mechanical engineering and construction into three groups. One group studied in the traditional way by attending an educational institution. The second used a mixed form: attending seminars in person, and the lecture part was held online. The third group studied completely remotely.

The learning outcomes were tested in three dimensions: the level of mastery of the subject during the course, the grade for the written exam, and the satisfaction of the students themselves with the learning.

After passing the final exam, the scientists compared the results of the presented groups according to the selected parameters. It turned out that the level of mastering the discipline did not differ in all three groups. Only the indicator of satisfaction with studies was lower among students from the online group.

Scientists believe that high-quality online courses can be a full-fledged way of learning that can form students with the necessary competencies in the field of personal qualities, professional activities, the ability to use knowledge, skills, values, abilities, and experience in practice. Efforts and understanding of the common goal on both sides, both teaching staff and students, are important.

It is possible that the form of distance learning, if not replacing the traditional one, will at least expand the availability of education today.


  1. If all parents were friends with the computer and were good users, remembered the school curriculum, they would not have to be nervous and sit next to the garden or even do homework for it ... You are behind, the old generation ... You can learn a lot of useful things on your own, you just need to love study at the computer.

    • It's never too late to learn. My father, who is 86 years old, is a very confident laptop user 🔥🔥🔥🔥 We will get all the news from him 😎💥💥💥😉

  2. And online schooling is great! The only thing children lack is communication! As much as my daughter does not like school, she wants to go to school after a month of quarantine)))

  3. It seems to me that this is a very convenient and affordable form of education, maybe not for everyone, but for some, for sure!

  4. In addition to distance learning, children need physical contact with their peers. For them, it is necessary to organize sports and educational games and competitions. Then their development will be more harmonious.

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