Where is the world going after the pandemic?


We all can't wait to get back to normal life! How tired of these restrictions! The world's worst economic failure. Where to get money for food? Will there be work after the coronavirus passes? When will it pass and how? How do we know for sure that he is no more? Who is at the head of all this confusion? Chinese? Americans? The supreme government that has been invisibly ruling us all this time? Lots of questions, but no answers.

It is absolutely clear only that we will not be able to go back to the life that launched this virus. Today it doesn’t matter to me whether it is a human invention that accidentally or specially came out of the laboratory into life, or it is the “handiwork” of nature. I want to assure you that even if it was done by human hands, it was still triggered by nature.

Nature acts clearly: it establishes laws and places us in the network of its laws. If we violate these laws, we get a corresponding reaction from her.

The situation reminds me of a horror ride: they put you in a cradle, fasten you and let you go, where monsters fly around, a volcano erupts, a shark flies out of the water .... You may be scared, but everything is measured. The main thing is to sit quietly in the cradle and observe what is happening.

There is a latent stage in the disease - a time when nothing bothers you, or you don't notice it. Such a stage in various diseases can last for decades, such as diabetes, cancer, etc. Then comes the crisis - the moment of truth - the detection of the disease. This already needs to be treated, and we are doing what we have learned in our lives.

But now, the symptoms are gone, and we can return to our old habits, which led to the disease. And we can change our lifestyle. Of course, it's easier to go back to the old one. I have diabetes, I love sweets and eat them on both cheeks. I don’t have time for physical activities, but I have pills and insulin is on the way.

This is the mentality of an eternally sick person.

It's only a matter of time before the disease starts to progress. Then more pills and more insulin. But then other organs are already failing, and you find yourself in line for specialists in the kidneys, blood vessels, eyes, etc.

And if everything is changed as it should be, as we should have acted according to the plan and the laws of nature, then we don’t even need illness. After all, a disease is a feedback, a reaction of the body to our behavior. Good behavior - good health (now I will not go into the topic of genetics and epigenetics; it will be interesting - we'll talk separately).

We – humanity – have been in a latent period for many years. We didn’t even have time to look and evaluate where and how we live, what drives us in our decisions and motivations. All our lives we've been chasing what's been foisted on us: fashion, names, trends, sports teams and the rest of the American dream, no matter where you live. The work is nervous, there you have to defend, defend, prove, knock out, punch through .... Everything is against you.

At least - in medicine: hospitals raise prices, because. Everything is getting more expensive, insurance companies are raising insurance prices.
Pharmaceutical companies raise the price of medicines. Insurance in response still raise prices. Lawyers incite patients to judge doctors, and doctors have turned into robots buried in computers.

And who suffers in this whole game? First of all, we. We are the people working in the financial pipeline of the healthcare system, with the exception of the big bosses. We are the patients of this insane healthcare system. All that has led us into this senseless opposition of one to the other is our wrong greedy relationship.

30 years ago, I came from the socialist "scoop" to America - to a flourishing country where I enjoyed everything. The stores smiled at you and wanted to serve you. In banks, telephone and other companies, you were valued as a user of their services. Fought for the client. Today, everything is “on the drum”. If you want to switch from one telephone company to another, no one will ask you why, but they will ask you from what date.

Before the coronavirus, I loved to travel. And every time before the tour I had to think twice, because everything was done in such a way as to squeeze the maximum money out of me and not provide services for it. And how aviation workers suffered ....

And no money today. These are candy wrappers that the governments of all countries print "from the bulldozer". It is necessary to allocate trillions of dollars from the budget for recovery after the coronavirus - no problem, we will print it.

So we want to return to the old world? Or will we already come to a new one, where all relationships will be built in the right way, when one treats the other with kindness and participation?

In this new world, I will again want to travel, and work, and spend spiritual time with my family, and there will be all the conditions for this. Governments, finally, will take care of citizens, and not promise and fail everything promised after the elections.

I want this new world. But, just like a diabetic, we - society and each of us - will have to study the laws of nature and try to follow them. And nature will do its job.

I will talk about this new world in medicine in the next article. In the meantime, be healthy and dream of a happy future, as you would like to experience it.
Have fun with it and don't be in a hurry to get back to a worthless dead end acceleration race.


  1. It's so good that wise nature has no "money" and a printing press, can you imagine how it would then "play a joke" on us! She showed us how we should enter into complete harmony with her, and then humanity will enter a new era, life will become qualitatively different and there will be no blows from nature, it simply won’t be needed.

  2. It is good, of course, to dream of a happy future. But there is a question: how to learn to follow the laws of nature, so as not to harm us, people, and especially nature?

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