Human to human virus?


The widespread spread of the coronavirus makes people afraid of their fellow citizens.

Residents of the French island of Noirmoutier in the Atlantic Ocean were outraged by the flood of Parisians who came to them in the hope of escaping the coronavirus by refusing to isolate themselves in their homes. But here they did not follow the safety rules, but simply went to relax on the beach, ride bicycles and do everyday things.

The same situation was in Italy. The inhabitants of the north of the country went to the south and thereby transferred the disease there.

In Germany, residents of other regions of Germany have been banned from moving to suburban homes in the country in order to reduce the rotation of the virus.

If people changed their behavior, they could get rid of the virus faster. In the meantime, it gives us the opportunity to think about what the right relationship should be.

Remember the day when you brought home a houseplant, got a dog or fish, bought a car, decided to start a family, finally have a baby! You realized that you have a care and responsibility. You shifted the focus from yourself to the other, and life began to spin in a new direction.

Let's get out of the inner circle and see that we are all connected, we all influence each other, explicitly or indirectly.

The world is moving towards feeling more connected, more united. A common problem that has engulfed everyone brings people together. They already stop thinking about wars, about conflicts between countries, corporations, individuals. After all, now for everyone the main problem is not to get infected with the virus.

Humanity must not return to its former life, where it has become a harmful virus that kills nature. It's time to stop destroying the environment so as not to get the right response from nature.


  1. The virus hit like a hurricane. People failed to immediately assess its scale, ran away from it themselves, infected others. Now, during the lockdown, there is time to think about responsibility for the whole world. We are all interconnected and influence each other. Let's not only take care of our health, but also take care of those around us.

  2. The virus lived on Earth and next to us for millions of years, but did we do something wrong that it had to turn from our friend into an infection? so that other viruses do not declare war on us ...

  3. The virus made people think about the future, feel their connection with society. If we want changes for the better, we will have to become active participants in the ongoing changes, open our minds to new information, and change our attitude to life.

  4. The main thing is to go in harmony with Nature, not blindly obeying it, but consciously, purposefully studying its laws. If we ourselves do not agree to return to the past, Nature will gladly open the door to the future for us.

  5. And what's so difficult about merging with nature?
    To do this, you need to know its laws?
    I wonder when this knowledge will be taught in educational institutions?

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