The other side of the common misfortune

back side

As a child, my girlfriend and I loved to walk in the warm summer rain, laughed, sang songs, splashing through puddles with bare feet. With age, in bad weather, you want to retire and think about something important.

And now it's raining, no, not warm summer, but cold spring. I am on self-isolation, standing at the window, looking at the green grass, which timidly makes its way out of the ground. Thoughts come that gradually, just as timidly, we are growing inside ourselves.

Desires change. The attitude to life, to the world is changing. To a world engulfed by an epidemic, filled with fear of the unknown and, of course, hope. Everyone is waiting for the end of the disaster. Nobody wants to go back to a past life, everyone wants change.

Yes, they are already happening. The air is getting cleaner, more and more wild animals feel safe in their native habitats.

A sense of solidarity, compassion, concern for others is manifested among people. For example, according to a survey conducted in Britain, only 9% of Britons would like to return to the “normal” order of things after self-isolation. The rest of the survey participants want to live in a new way after the crisis. In those parts of the country where the virus is particularly rampant, a sense of community and mutual support has already increased.

But let us return, as they say, to our sheep. Recently, a neighbor invited me to celebrate her seventieth birthday. Noted on Skype. Congratulations, toasts were said. Everything is as it should be. And the people have gathered! Daughter in St. Petersburg, sister and husband in the Moscow region, grandson and fiancee in Germany, childhood friend in Voronezh.

Everyone asked each other not to neglect the safety rules, wear masks, wash their hands, in general, take care of themselves. And in these words there was so much warmth and love that the heart was filled with joy, because the common misfortune has a downside. We began to show our best qualities: to value our loved ones more, to help others, to wish everyone only the best.

Sometimes you will meet a familiar person in a store or in a pharmacy, you will not recognize right away - a mask! But when you see eyes fixed on you, full of warmth and friendliness, you recognize the smile hidden under the mask, smile back and ask: “Are you all right?”

I read somewhere that there are two ways to become happy: improve reality or lower expectations. I don't want to lower my expectations. I think everyone will agree that getting out of the epidemic as soon as possible and with fewer losses is happiness for everyone. But we can change reality if we change ourselves. Let's support each other in this difficult time, like in a family. Indeed, no one wants to return to the old world of disunity and self-interest.

Health to all and spring mood!


  1. In our time, the feeling of connection and happiness is so powerful that it can overcome all problems and diseases, if everyone wants it.

  2. Everyone's eyes were almost opened and everyone heard the call to take care of yourself and those around you. These words entered the heart of everyone, and after the pandemic, people will become softer and kinder.

  3. We are deliberately quarantined so as not to infect other people. The virus taught us to think about others, to take care of the older generation. If our attitude towards others changes, then the world around us will become a better place.

  4. And the sun shines just like before the pandemic, so we must take an example and always shine, shine everywhere and shine for everyone, paraphrasing the words of the poet!

  5. Sitting at home, you begin to understand that our main wealth is a good connection between people. When we cooperate, empathize, sympathize, we turn the world into a community of all people. And let it not seem to us an unattainable fantasy!

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