The consumer economy is over

Consumption economy

An interesting phrase is circulating on the Internet: “The Stone Age did not end because stones ran out, but technologies changed.” This phrase is often used in the context of the end of the oil era. Today, players in the oil market are not able to stop the fall in prices. It is becoming increasingly clear that the rapidly developing global crisis against the backdrop of COVID-19 is forcing the global economic community to look for new development models that are no longer associated with the old world order.

The consumer economy is over and it will be replaced by a smart economy. New wave experts say that 80% of modern goods and services are not necessary. Moreover, if the world community tries to return to the old tracks, i.e. into the pre-quarantine economy, the consequences for the environment may become irreversible. That is, blows from nature can be much more severe than COVID-19.

In the new post-lockdown economy, many industries, such as tourism, large events, sporting events with many fans in stadiums, and many others, will all lose their significance. From this we see that the need for energy carriers will be reduced to a minimum, as air, sea and road transport will undergo profound structural changes.

There is hope that there will be a complete paradigm shift, when new social relations will determine the need for a particular sector of the economy, and not capital and agents of influence. Therefore, all attempts by the leading oil players to stop the decline in prices can be compared to an attempt to jump into the last carriage of the rapidly elusive oil age.


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  1. There will come a time when, due to a careless attitude towards Nature, natural resources will begin to decrease. In big cities there is not enough electricity, interruptions in gas supply, you need heat in the cold months. Expensive medicines do not help and give side effects. The earth becomes infertile and nothing grows without chemistry. But Nature itself suggests alternative sources to ordinary people who give rationalization proposals on how to save electricity, heat, etc. Now electric vehicles are entering the market. We want to breathe clean air.

  2. Yes, there is hope! It’s just that people’s activity should be added if governments don’t understand how to change the paradigm, so sais production workers and agricultural workers should insist that their industry should develop in every country and people should be fed with natural products. Business for the sake of business should die out!

  3. The economy itself has not ended, but is being transformed under the influence of the virus and the birth of new relationships. No matter how they cling to the old foundations - the oil players and everyone who is involved in this, none of them is able to stop the process of renewal, and even more so to return to the old world order. The economy will inevitably be different, namely not for the sake of profit.

  4. We are witnessing the gradual collapse of international trade and business systems. There is a beginning of a change in the egoistic structure of mankind to the world of integral interaction of all the inhabitants of the planet.

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