Open letter to the reader

Open letter

Hello dear reader!

Now you are reading this letter while sitting at home, just like me. How are you feeling, what are you going through? Do you feel the same as me?

We seem to be in a sci-fi movie together or playing the same online game. People in Moscow, New York, Paris, Rome and Tel Aviv are locked in their homes. The streets are empty, and animals are emerging from the forest and taking over deserted parks and areas that people once inhabited. And all this because of a small virus!

All our plans for life had to be crossed out. We can't go to our usual jobs, foreign trips have become vacations at home, the only open restaurant is your kitchen, and the chef is your wife. The only exciting walk is the walk from the refrigerator to the sofa in the living room. The only sport allowed is throwing garbage behind the house.

On the other hand, there are benefits to the current self-isolation. We have rediscovered our family. Children are happy to be at home with us. We have free time to spend it with them, chat with relatives and friends.

And to the question of what has changed in my life, I can confidently answer that everything has changed. And perhaps for the better. Everything passes, the virus will pass! He will surely fall behind, and we will return to our former life. The question I'm asking myself, perhaps as you are asking yourself, is what have I learned in the current situation and what do I want to do when it's over?

I got the feeling that real life is not what I have, how much I have and where I go on vacation. Real life is woven from merry laughter at the family table, warm moments of revelation with children and precious moments of communication with friends.

And I hope that if we can improve our relationships at home, at work and on the road, together we will build a better society than what we left behind when we went into self-isolation.

A world in which we feel together, like one big but friendly family, is a world where we feel safe and loved.


*The article was written by a group of friends. Co-authors: M. Lukshinsky, A. Elkhananov, A. Abaev, T. Asher, Y. Manakhimov, I. Nissim, etc.


  1. It is clear that it will not be like before. Unfortunately, children's laughter is not cheerful now and they understand that something serious is happening. Quarantine has changed the worldview and opened up new understandings, someone discovered new hobbies, someone mastered a new specialty, someone signed up for an interesting online course or webinar. Many have made new online acquaintances. And not everyone has the only sport of walking from the kitchen to the salon, there are many sports activities online, some of which are free, some for a small fee.
    The whole situation makes us understand that the time has come to change and change. How everyone should decide for himself.

  2. It's time to deal with the "little things" that make up life?
    Make time for your emotions.
    Listen to the feelings of others.
    Influence everyone you meet...with a look.
    After all, when everyone is wearing masks, it is felt that we are united by SomethingOneForAll😉😎💥❤️🌷🔥

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