Positive aspects of self-isolation

aspects of self-isolation

In self-isolation, new opportunities have opened up for us. Today you can visit the best European museums without leaving your home. For example, virtual tours to the British Museum, the Louvre Museum, the Van Goga Museum and many others have appeared. The dream of art lovers, albeit virtually, to visit all these museums and join the masterpieces of world culture has come true.

In recent years, online tours and virtual travel have begun to appear. Now, with a few clicks of the mouse, I can take part in a safari, dive into the depths of the sea, climb mountain peaks. In a word, a colossal opportunity has opened up to visit other parts of the planet and experience a new world of vivid impressions.

At the moment, we are all on an equal footing. Everyone is forced, for the sake of their own safety, to limit physical communication with the outside world, to spend more time at home.

It is not easy for us to get used to such rapid changes that the current situation dictates. At the same time, such online services allow us to diversify our current everyday life. Now we devote our time to self-education, reading our favorite books, watching movies that we have long planned, and taking virtual tours.

And most importantly, now we have time to communicate with loved ones. For example, I call my parents every day and we communicate for a long time. Finally, I have the opportunity to spend time with my children, give care and attention to a loved one. There was more warmth and intimacy in relationships, it became possible to establish a strong connection with people who are always there.


  1. Yes, at such a time it is especially important to keep the presence of mind and be able to find positive moments in the current situation! Everyone should try to do it!

  2. A lot has become accessible because we have freed ourselves from many unnecessary worries, we have learned to work remotely, to help children study at school, and students have to keep from lectures. So there is nothing to whine, but to find interesting activities for yourself and get to know your loved ones better. Soon this time will pass and we will still regret that we did not have time to do something, look, read ...

  3. Being in forced isolation, we began to value our relatives and friends more. Indeed, in a past life there was no time to talk heart to heart, And now everyone is trying to support each other, cheer up, share their findings on the Internet.

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