Positive aspects of self-isolation


In self-isolation, new opportunities opened up for us. Today you can visit Europe’s best museums from the comfort of your own home. For example, there are virtual tours of the British Museum, the Louvre Museum, the Van Gogh Museum and many others. The dream of art lovers, albeit virtually, to visit all these museums and join the masterpieces of world culture has come true.

In recent years, online tours and virtual travel have begun to appear. Now with a few clicks of the mouse I can take part in a safari, dive into the depths of the sea, climb the mountain peaks. In short, a tremendous opportunity opened up to visit other parts of the world and to experience a new world of vivid impressions.

At this point we are all on equal footing. Everyone is forced to limit physical contact with the outside world for their own safety and to spend more time at home.

It is not easy for us to get used to such rapid changes, which the current situation dictates. At the same time, such online services allow us to diversify our current daily routine. Now we devote our time to self-education, read our favorite books, watch movies we’ve been planning for a long time, and attend virtual tours.

And most importantly, now we have time to communicate with our loved ones. For example, I call my parents every day and we have long conversations. Finally, I have the opportunity to spend time with my children and give care and attention to a loved one. There is more warmth and intimacy in relationships, there is an opportunity to build a strong bond with people who are always around.

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