Like a grain of sand among the rocks


There are fewer and fewer of us who expect that the coronavirus will soon go away, and we will return to where we were a month ago. Every day comes the realization that "as before" will no longer be. We do not know what will happen in the post-virus era. We don't know when it will come. But we are beginning to realize that it will be something new, completely different. We will look at the world differently, at others, at everything we do. We will carefully measure our every step, just as we are now, when we are preparing to go to the store for the necessary things.

For some of us, the situation leads to depression. I think the opposite - it will bring a lot of good and necessary for our future life. Marcus Aurelius said a couple of thousand years ago: "If you cannot change the circumstances, change your attitude towards them." And this is exactly what is required of us. We are looking for a vaccine, hoping to quickly return to the past. Medicine, of course, will do its job, but you need to look for the root of the problem.

I wonder why we were taught from childhood that man is the master of nature? The longer you live on Earth, the more you are amazed - what a colossal delusion this is, leading us to death! What is the connection between the coronavirus and our attitude to nature, you ask?

Mankind, placing itself above nature, only approaches the edge of the abyss. We had (before the era of the coronavirus) to take only a few last steps there. The development of technology pushed us towards a world war and total destruction. Because everything depends not on the quality of technology, but on whose hands it is and who puts it into action. What are our latest achievements? Basically - to improve weapons and means of destruction. We do not know how to deal with others in any other way than from a position of strength.

The same is true in business. Those who manage their assets take into account nothing but profit. Neither the health of people, nor the pollution of the environment and the world's oceans (remember the story of oil in the Gulf of Mexico?). Man does not treat the Earth as his own home, but humanity as his family. If it were the owner, he wouldn't allow it.

What happens to us ordinary people? Remember the song from the movie The Adventures of Electronics (1979)?

“The chores are forgotten, the century is stopped.
Robots do the work, not humans.”

Is it? In my opinion, this person works 10 hours a day to provide for his basic needs. By the way, I am working on the creation of those very notorious robots that should replace us. But the owners, although they pay well for my work, demand more and more returns.

Interestingly, now, in the days of quarantine, the children have already come to terms with the fact that I am mostly at home. But six months ago there were days when they did not see me at all ....

Ahead of us are fundamentally new times. A time of cleansing, rethinking, deep awareness of where we are at all. Nature with this virus, in fact, saves us from self-destruction, making us think. She gives us a chance, as if crying: “Stop, people! Look what you are doing, what you have brought the world in which you live!”. And we will have to think carefully. Not just to think, but to make difficult, somewhere we do not want, but vital decisions.

We will have to create another economy, other types of business. Some industries will be gone. People will travel abroad less. But, if it is for the sake of the survival of the human race, doesn't it justify itself?

We will have to rethink the relationship between people at all levels - in the family, at work, between neighbors, between countries. We will have to do some self-education, because without it we will not be able to take this relationship to another level.

We will have to look at nature differently and realize what perfectly functions in it at all levels, except for the human one.

Very soon we will realize that we should abandon the erroneous assertion: "Man is the master of nature." She, as we can see, has many means to curb us, among which the coronavirus is one of the simplest (watch Bill Gates' speech on viruses at the 2015 TED conference on YouTube). In general, it costs nothing for Nature to sweep us off the face of the Earth as an unnecessary and harmful element….

So let's see together how to equip our Earth and society. Adopting the right relationship with each other is the first but most important step towards a brighter future.


  1. Everything will be the way we want, but not the way we imagine it to be.
    One of my favorite quotes
    And we work from home, and the children do not go to school, and there is more than enough free time!

  2. Initially, nature created women to procreate and maintain the family hearth. Men are earners. People have confused their duties and women have become breadwinners. They are not up to the children and there was no one to educate them. Women should stay at home. Give unemployed men jobs. Then there will be a balance in nature.

  3. Of course, one can argue because we were taught this way: Man is the master of nature or not? What is wrong? And now the virus has come and all the arrogance has merged like a soap bubble ... And no one really knows what to do next ... We will have to build everything anew, especially our relationships, which - oh, how lack mutual understanding, support and love for each other.

  4. I remember the words from Makarevich's song "let the world bend under us" ...
    But it turned out the other way around - nature bends us. Otherwise, we will not understand WHO WE ARE AND WHY WE ARE.

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