The purpose of the pandemic

The purpose of the pandemic

In the thirties of the last century, the US economy plunged into the abyss of the deepest depression, which ended only with the outbreak of the World War. During the war years, the economy, citizens' incomes and tax revenues grew eleven (!) times.

But the war was drawing to a close, and the frightening prospect of a recession loomed on the horizon. In order to avoid such a scenario of development of events, the ideology of the consumer society was developed. Its basis was the constant growth of production and demand for manufactured goods. The system served its purpose admirably. The material well-being of society has grown steadily, despite short-term recessions.

This continued until the human desire for unrestrained consumption of goods and services came into direct conflict with the interests of a higher order system - the planet Earth and its biosphere. Precautionary measures have been put in place to deal with the growing threat. Around the world, the number of natural disasters has increased dramatically, and frightening trends in climate change have emerged. Despite the awareness of the coming catastrophe, the human community did nothing to prevent it. And then, as a natural consequence, the coronavirus appeared.

The purpose of the pandemic is to nullify the harmful effects of anomalous phenomena caused by the uncontrolled development of the consumer society. One of the most destructive trends was the destruction of interpersonal relationships, indifference and hostility towards others, including loved ones.

Since man is the most developed link in the chain of evolution, it is necessary to start correcting the overall system precisely from our human relationships. Otherwise, no attempts to change the situation for the better will lead to the desired result. “Devastation begins in the minds,” said Professor Preobrazhensky, the hero of M. Bulgakov's story. And that's where the fix begins.


  1. Yes, realizing the cause of the devastation, we must, by the whole world, begin to eliminate our illiteracy in relations with nature, and then agree on joint common cooperation to correct everything that has been destroyed!

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