"Crown" from the Middle Kingdom


The 21st century, where science is at the service of progress, seemed to us to be advanced and technological. Our technology has reached such heights that the head is spinning with admiration for the human mind. We provided ourselves with goods and services, robots and rockets. We move freely around the world: the Louvre, Rome, China, discos in Bali…. It seemed that heaven on Earth would soon come!

But they were trapped. We have become slaves to values imposed on us. They impose on us what and how to say, what to wear, how to behave. We go abroad to confirm our own status in someone's eyes. And so it is in everything.

And suddenly a virus called the “corona” came to us from the Middle Kingdom. Or rather, he did not come, but broke in. And our whole life has changed dramatically. We have lost the comfort of countless acquisitions, the freedom to meet and travel abroad.

We don't know what tomorrow will be like. Looking hopefully at the screen, we try to find something positive. But news is pouring from the screens, as from the fronts: the enemy virus is advancing without meeting resistance.

Everyone hid at home, suddenly feeling alone in their apartment. Now, as social beings, we don't have enough people around, we don't have enough communication.

However, we should be grateful to the virus!
First, he saved us from more catastrophic consequences. Secondly, it made me think about who we are and how to live on. Yes, he is not from the Middle Kingdom, but directly from Heaven descended on us!

What does he want from us?

Our universe is evolving from chaos to unity. Nature is a single mechanism where everything is absolutely interconnected. But we do not see this, because we feel ourselves outside of Nature. The phrase "There is no need to wait for mercy from nature, it is our task to take them" was said in the Soviet Union, but reflects the view of all mankind.

As we know, the entire universe is built on a diverse combination of two main forces: plus and minus, giving and receiving. Today, we have practically realized the full potential of exponential selfish development. And so the crisis came: the end of one stage and the beginning of another.

In history, such situations were accompanied by a series of endless wars, a change in formations, and the migration of peoples. According to all prerequisites, humanity was on the brink of a world war with all the ensuing consequences. And Nature put us under house arrest to give us the opportunity to change our minds in solitude.


  1. Yes, there was no time to sit and think, but now there is time and many do not really know what to do with it now. There is a certain “breaking” of a person, you want to go somewhere, do something outside the home, and then you think: “Where to go.? Shops, cinemas, museums, spend money? From all sides they impose something, we constantly need something, but there is no filling .... We sit at home and think what to fill me with, what to do? Too much time and too many loved ones nearby)) and again something is not right ... .. Again dissatisfied, and even in fear for themselves, for their families, for society, for the economy, etc. But today is the time to look at those who is nearby, try to build new relationships, think in a new way, unite, even at a distance, and perhaps we can see a new world.

  2. We did everything on the run, especially for our families, and now we are together and should get used to being with children, with a spouse more often in the future and take more care of parents and even elderly neighbors. What's wrong with that? While you can’t move around in open space, you’ll have to find something to do for yourself and your children. Wash the whole house before the holidays, sew something at least for dolls, bake pies, read, otherwise you’ll break the TV from anger at its programs ... And most importantly, think about our common future.

  3. Before the “corona” came, there was not enough time, the day flew by unnoticed, now there is nowhere to put it, we are looking for something to fill the leisure time of children. They are bored of being at home. At first they fought, but now they have reconciled. "Crown" will teach us all to obey the laws of nature. The world is going to be fulfilled.

  4. Excuse me, but does it matter where the “crown” comes from? Most likely why and why? Maybe we really need to unite and help each other. Why do we need confrontation, competition, struggle for power, when Nature simply does not tolerate this. Maybe we can take off the crown and give preference to the nature of love and mutual assistance ...

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