Self-isolation as a gift

Self isolation

The world fell silent, like a child punished in a corner.
What will our life be like? We won't be in lockdown forever! Six months to a year will pass, the virus will disappear. Will we return to the same world or draw conclusions?
And, in fact, what kind of world are we losing?

Families break up because the spouses do not know why they got married and how to get along. The need for professions is changing so fast that we do not know what and how to teach children. Scientists hit the ceiling of knowledge and remembered God. Art has become an installation. The economy has become an investment economy - money is sold for money (and not real money, but virtual money). In politics, it is not clear who is with whom, but most likely, everyone is against everyone. The main pleasures are the pub, football (after the match, break a couple of shop windows for grief or joy), go abroad to escape from home problems. We have tried all philosophies and formations and come to a total crisis. We were on the verge of collapse and world war as a way out of it.

And then suddenly a virus! Reminds me of a poem about a cockroach. Everything that humanity has been creating for thousands of years is collapsing in an instant. The whole world is quiet, scattered to their homes, nothing is needed anymore. Just enough for food. We've got time. The time that was never enough. What will I do with it? How do I realize this gift?

The whole family is at home! Wow! Finally we can chat. Long communication in the family leads to scandals and divorces, because we do not know what to discuss and what to talk about. But the problem with divorce is that the courts are also in quarantine. Move to another apartment? No one invites, accepts or lets anyone in - quarantine. At least howl.

What does nature want from man? What to do, how to live in harmony with it? Everyone must find the answer on their own, this is the right of a person's choice.

And while you are thinking, nature is beginning to cleanse itself of our garbage: the air has become cleaner, fish have appeared in the river, bears and elk have returned to forests and even cities from nowhere. The earth sighed...

In the meantime, we are sitting in quarantine, it's time to think about what kind of world we want to return to.


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