When will the coronavirus leave us behind?


I was driven into an apartment, like in a bunker. I've been sitting almost two weeks without getting out, practically. On the fourth day, I remembered the verses "I am sitting behind bars in a damp dungeon ..." . I thought - but really, how did you end up in conclusion, but for what?

And for the fact that others do not want to comply with the instructions of the Ministry of Health. They act as if no one else exists. The number of cases is growing, so the government has to constantly take preventive measures, to tighten, that is, the conditions of the hostel. And I suffer, and others like me.

And then there are various officials pouring salt on the wound. We, they say, are in mutual guarantee. I didn't understand at first what they were talking about. But now it has come to light - there are no obedient, disobedient, right, guilty, believers and secular for this disease. For her, we are a collection of protein bodies that are affected by the virus under certain conditions.

It's embarrassing, right? Rich and poor, officials and workers - all become equal before this micro-creation. Or rather, they should have aligned. But no, there are still those who consider themselves superior to others, the elect. Chosen by whom? Your pride, which sits in each of us and gives a sense of its uniqueness and significance?

They say that prison educates. I don’t know how true this is, but the current forced isolation will definitely educate. While we are still pointing fingers at each other - he is to blame, no, he is to blame. But soon we will understand that no one is to blame, that we are who we are. A community of people divided into many parts, in which there is no mutual responsibility for each other.

What if the virus does not leave us until we learn to be responsible for the lives and well-being of other people, even those we do not know? After all, we endanger the lives of people completely unknown to us. So let's sit in a dungeon, think.


  1. Self-isolation is stronger, remember when was the last time your mother put you in a corner? Now we are each standing in our own corner and thinking why, why, how to be, so as not to get there again?

  2. Something is wrong here. Some want, others do not want self-isolation, what happens? If we all do as we please, the world will simply perish. Are we deliberately destroying ourselves ... one asks why? who benefits from it?

  3. Yes, it (the virus) will not leave us until something changes in perception, that's for sure ... We already see and hear these index fingers from all sides. These accusations. The search for the guilty on all channels ... But it feels like they are clogged like in a cage. A very good article, illustrative and penetrating to the point ... And yet I believe that there will be changes with such “clogged ones”))..

  4. I read it and found it in myself - it’s me who doesn’t exactly follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health! I don't keep my distance! I can't change my mind!…

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