The need for live communication


Now about 1.7 billion people on Earth are forced to stay at home due to the coronavirus, observing quarantine. How does this forced loneliness affect people? Naturally, isolation from society can lead to depression, panic attacks. After all, man is a social being. He needs to be surrounded by people, constantly interacting with them, replenishing each other.

On the "remote" person especially acutely feels the lack of connection with others. After all, even if you just walk down the street and look at strangers passing by: young and old, positive-minded and downcast, you involuntarily put a tick in your head: “Yeah, there are a lot of people on the street, so everything is in order! Everything is fine!" And here the whole day at home, and there is no one on the street - you look out the window in sadness. Well, how not to panic?

According to RANEPA Associate Professor Kristina Ivanenko , you can live quietly for two or three days without seeing the faces of others, but after that it becomes more difficult. How to be? How to maintain your mental and physical health in such a situation? There are many different tips: do exercises in the morning, engage in self-development, learn foreign languages.

But how long this self-isolation will last, no one knows. Including medicine. Does it depend on us? I think yes! If we realize how divided we are, then there will be a need for a cordial connection between us: with good intentions, caring for each other. Only if together we learn such an attitude towards our neighbor, we will be able to defeat the coronavirus and break out of the captivity of our selfishness to freedom, towards each other!


  1. How to maintain your mental health in a quarantine situation? Remember your friends and family, who are also in a difficult situation and need support. We need to communicate more with them virtually and share positive experiences.

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