Gift Shop During Coronavirus

Gift shop

A few years ago I lived in Saratov, in a new beautiful microdistrict "Yubileiny". And on the corner of my house along Ust-Kurdyumskaya street there was an amazing store. It was called "Gift Shop". On the first floor, with a beautiful neon sign. I went there very rarely, just to look.

On 60 square meters there was a huge assortment of unnecessary products for anyone, i.e. just junk, meaningless stuff. But there was a very interesting specimen. Remember, in the film “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession”, when the pseudo-tsar was running around the wards from the combatants, they had a tool in their hands - a long steel ax handle. Just such an ax stood in the corner in a beautifully decorated wooden rack and cost about seven thousand rubles.

I thought of that store and that ax handle as the apotheosis of the whole modern economy, an economy of meaningless goods and services that would surely fall. It will fall strongly, because by 80 percent it produces unnecessary goods, in which there is no need. We do this only to give everyone a chance to earn. For what? Why is that? If the economy does not produce only the necessary things, then it is not an economy, it is just an excess, like that ax in the gift shop.

Now, in the rapidly developing crisis due to the coronavirus, all such stores are beginning to close, all unnecessary industries that supplied products to these stores are being destroyed. And a huge number of people who were employed in those industries that supplied meaningless things to meaningless stores are left without work.

People need normal food, housing, necessary things. It's called economics. And everything that is not necessary for existence, the virus will cross out, will not allow it to exist. We were already in the soap bubbles of the economy, in which there is no rationality. And we already feel on ourselves how this soap bubble bursts.

We must not suck out of the globe everything that is in it. For what? Air is no longer air, water is no longer water, and our life is no longer life. Nature no longer agrees with this and will no longer allow us to exist in such an incorrect form. We will be obliged to free ourselves from all the excesses that we release without any need. I really hope that this coronavirus will cleanse us of all waste. This is what will happen.

This is how we open up the new economy after the coronavirus. Or after another virus, or after the world war. But it will be so anyway. Let's do it rationally now.


  1. True, the stupid economy of selfish people who want to have their own business, the desire to have daily cash that can be hidden from taxes by gray and dark bookkeeping. A huge number of goods that no one will ever buy, and resources are spent - production, raw materials, people, costs for rent, electricity, water, heat, etc. Why? Nature understood this before people and said: “Stop!” ...

  2. The desire for beauty has always been characteristic of man, since ancient times. It is a fact. A beautiful cozy home, who doesn't want to own one? But the fact that our economy is increasingly turning into an economy of meaningless goods is also a fact. I think the pandemic will put everything in its place. And we will have other priorities as well. We will learn to appreciate the beauty that is in our soul: love, care for our neighbor. And the ax handle, about which the author writes, will remain lying on the counter of the gift shop, and not only it, but many other goods as unnecessary.

  3. Not everything is so simple with gifts))) This is an opportunity to express your feelings through objects🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁This is the store I would leave❤️❤️❤️I love giving and receiving gifts😁

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