Coronavirus - a new stage of evolution

The coronavirus

We clung to the depressing news and are waiting for the end of the world. Do not count the number of sick and dead all the time! After all, we are trying to find a cure for this scourge. It pains us to look at this outrage. How much grief... We have become sensitive to the grief of others, because. this is no longer an abstract grief somewhere far away, it concerns everyone.

We follow with a breath the tragedy in Italy and Spain. We sympathize with them and from the bottom of our hearts. Although until quite recently there was much greater grief in Syria, but then it was far away. A pandemic is a common grief that has descended on the planet. This terrible virus has come to everyone and everyone at once!

Scientists study the virus as an amazing manifestation of nature. Viruses have DNA and RNA. DNA is the carrier of information in general. RNA is the executive organ of the system according to the instructions of DNA. So, coronavirus is an RNA virus (executive). Infection occurs when a single virus lands on a cell and injects RNA into it. In this cell, viruses multiply on everything ready and have already spread thousands in the body, infecting other cells and producing offspring at a tremendous speed. When the cells of one person are not enough, the virus moves into the body of another person. That is, the virus is not alone. There are many of them, and they have some kind of communication. At least that's what scientists say.

So this common organism, consisting of small singles, is exactly the same system as we, humans. The virus did not come to me separately, but to everyone at once and affects everyone: someone in a mild form, and someone in a severe one.

Or maybe look at this similarity from the other side? After all, humanity, before the virus, we were a very antagonistic, chaotic, greedy organism. They got to the point and were afraid to admit it to themselves. Yes, we just didn’t see it, but now we see the absurdity of the world in which we lived. In short, they ran after the pleasures imposed on us by those who earned money from us. To do this, we spent the money that we earned overwork. And with difficulty they fell asleep in order to wake up in the morning, as on Groundhog Day. And so - every day, year after year.

And then a virus comes with a program laid down by nature. Introduces it into human cells. Cells receive new information from the virus and execute the program of nature. Against the background of the development of panic, the first positive news of the program switchover appears. It seems that we, as humanity, have entered a new stage of evolution. People change the direction of their actions from receiving to giving.

There are not enough masks all over the world. The whole world is crying. China responded and started producing masks and sent 2 million masks to the European Union, as well as special masks and testing kits. People are taking their parents away from nursing homes to protect them from the coronavirus in their home and provide them with comfort and care. Young and healthy volunteers help retirees. Well, we can, if we feel the need to take care of our neighbor! The main thing is not to forget.

Now is the time to analyze our past and understand what kind of happy future we want. A future where the individuality of each is honored, because the other person is not making money off of you.

For example, a person has a unique gift to teach. In life before the coronavirus, a person would have created his own business and would have tried to sell his gift as expensive as possible. Pleasure is money, and money is the freedom to enjoy yourself. There is always a tension between good honest work and exorbitant rewards for a talented person. These are two things with opposite vectors. Giving your all to others involves giving your talent to others, not selling it.

Imagine how many talented teachers all over the world today who understand how to teach children, and not rape them with stupid tests. Understanding that everyone needs their own speed and their own approach. Now is the time, while all the kids go home, to organize a single, worldwide virtual school. When quarantine is lifted, children will continue to study and communicate virtually with their fellow students. Perhaps the symposiums of the students of this unified school will be much more productive and important than the conferences of the past filled with the splendor of pride.

The time has come to invest in our children and train them to be the right leaders according to the principle “Teach the child in his way”. Not everyone will be biochemists or historians. We need different and unique, complementary personalities, and not something in between, stamped out from under the press of bureaucrats. Today it is more important to teach children about life and proper relationships. I don’t know about you, but I would like my child to study in a school where there is no confrontation between races, cultures and religions, where gifted teachers from different countries teach with an understanding of different cultures and traditions.

There is time to think about such plans in quarantine. Ask yourself the question: how would we like to see the world after all restrictions are lifted and we return to our usual conditions? Even if nothing changes outwardly, changing our relationships will turn hell into heaven.

In the meantime, we need to wait a little bit in isolation and let the program of nature work with us. Without panic and anxiety, fear and despair, it is worth self-isolating and looking for the positive that the coronavirus has brought us

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