Coronavirus as a reason for rebirth

The coronavirus

In these days of virus and quarantine, going to the store is an unsafe journey. But I want to eat, and I had to go. Went out late at night to meet as few people as possible. Usually a full supermarket was empty, there were about ten customers. The workers were already preparing for the closure, the cleaner was working as a washing machine. In one place, he had to walk with the car between two cash desks, at one of which a woman was standing, putting her numerous purchases into a cart. At the request of the cleaner to move the cart, she went on principle and refused - let me finish! As a result, the rest did not have the opportunity to go to the cashier. When they began to ask her to move, she began to make noise. Then I went to complain to the main cashier. I managed to hear the essence of her complaint - they speak impolitely to her. When she was told again that she had detained people, she began to swear shamelessly.

What struck me the most in this story was how easily, out of the blue, out of nothing, such conflicts happen to us. It seems there is no crush, and you can give in. But no! Yielding is not ours. Anything but this. There is a bitter feeling that we cannot do otherwise. What is this? Our nature? An irresistible desire for self-affirmation at the expense of others?

At such moments, a seditious thought comes - the virus clearly arrived in time. We need to sit at home and think about our behavior. Moses led the people in the desert for 40 years, until the entire old generation died out and a new one was born, ready to live in the new land, according to a new principle - in friendship and harmony with each other, as it is said: "one person - with one heart." Maybe it would not hurt us to “treat” in this way? And then we put on masks, wash our hands with alcohol. And we do not want to exist in an amicable way with each other.

Where did this virus come from? Where was it taken out, in what laboratories? America blames China, China blames America. People are ready to suspect anyone in trouble, but not themselves. Meanwhile, the virus has penetrated all over the world, even into such holes and islands, the names of which we have never heard before. So maybe these are not laboratories, but we are causing damage to ourselves, and the virus is a symptom of damage to relations between us?
It is impossible to spend your whole life fighting with your own kind. Is this what we live for? Is it really our happiness only to rise ourselves, and to humiliate someone? If this is our nature, is there really no other force in nature that will help us to become different, to be reborn in the right relationship with each other?

I pray that a cure for coronavirus will be found as soon as possible and that as many people as possible will be saved. But no less I pray that we will become closer to each other, if not comrades and brothers, then at least people. I believe that this is the real cure for any viruses.


  1. General psychosis exacerbates psychopaths sooner and faster than others, so everyone else must endure, otherwise everyone will break the concept of a person and it will no longer be chaos, but a phenomenon that has no name. Do not succumb to either panic or mass psychosis ...

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