Who controls whom: are we the coronavirus or is it us?

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We keep the question all the time, do we control the coronavirus or does it control humanity? Looking at the facts and the latest news reports, the coronavirus is just a typhoon sweeping everything out of its way. Deaths and new cases in Europe have crossed the scale of China. And this is not the middle of the process, and the process in China took three months. In Europe, while it goes with a big progression and will surely overtake China. Already, Italy has overtaken China in terms of the number of deaths.

The third wave has begun in America. It has been delayed with the start of its participation in the pandemic, but is steadily rushing forward. Outpacing pandemic veterans Germany, Spain, Italy and Iran, the United States came out on top in the number of infections, overtaking China.

One nuance. Germany started its journey earlier, and the mortality rate is much less than in America. What's the secret? The secret in Germany's attitude to the fight against the pandemic, when it is necessary to isolate potential carriers in the early stages, even if they do not have symptoms. This is how children usually carry the virus - very simply and well, sometimes even imperceptibly to the eye, but they can infect grandparents.

In Italy, they decided to save money and did tests very selectively when there were obvious symptoms of complications of the disease. The Italian intensive care doctor told about this with tears in his eyes and begged the whole world not to repeat the mistake. The country has spent many times more money treating and burying its fellow citizens than testing everyone multiple times to nip the problem in the bud.

Now let's see what would happen if all countries united and jointly coped with the problem, because this is not a problem of one country, but of the global world in which we live. It is through our good relations with each other for the sake of one common good that we would have been able to cope with the coronavirus a long time ago. But no, we show selfishness, measuring our strengths. We are racing to develop a treatment that we can cash in on. We develop our tests to support our industry and economy. In this case, there is a huge delay in the beginning of the right actions, and the epidemic has nothing to do but develop.

Unfortunately, America went the way of Italy. In the presence of the fact that the epidemic had already begun, the tests were received in small quantities and with a huge delay. It is because of this that America had very good indicators for a long time, and when they began to do tests, then in patients with obvious symptoms, the indicators rapidly rushed up. This is how we miss the opportunity to manage the coronavirus: by holding on to our rotten egos despite people's lives, but considering how much we can save over the entire period of the pandemic. It is by these and similar actions that we prolong the time of our suffering.

It's never too late to start looking at each other as friends in misfortune, not competitors driven by the misfortune of the pandemic. The next logical step of the virus is to bring everyone to a state of complete paralysis. Break all bad ties. Within cities, states, between states and cities. Complete paralysis. China is now afraid to let people in, because. they have already been ill, and they have no new home cases. And so it will be with all countries until the coronavirus, like a crowned king, passes over the planet Earth, maybe more than once, to bring our civilization to a new level. The stage of love and mutual guarantee.

In its final form, our connections with each other will be perfectly correct, and we will all feel this one organism, of which each of us is a part. There, in this new world, everything is organic and balanced. Before you wanted something, you got it. On the other hand, you make sure that you give others exactly what they need at that moment, and exactly as much as they need.

How will we know? Who will teach us? And who taught us first love? It comes from nowhere, suddenly and without much effort on our part. So Cupid hit the heart with an arrow, and the birds began to sing, butterflies fluttered in the stomach area, a slight dizziness and a magical feeling. Do you remember your first impulse after that? Do something nice for your object of charm, who (who) gave you this love.

The same is true in our case. The need to love our neighbor will come from above, like the first love, but we need to make an effort so that the desire for this appears.

Just imagine that all eight billion people, regardless of their differences in religion, race, habitat, culture, etc., will all want to live in a new world of love. It remains just to strongly want this all together and send the coronavirus to a well-deserved rest.

With these bright thoughts, let's live with each other. Don't be afraid of isolation. She is needed. It is temporary, and this time depends only on our good relationship. We do not infect each other, we raise each other's mood and immunity. We count the smiles given to others just like that, and rejoice.

Do not be ill!


  1. The call of the American doctor is very correct, but the Americans themselves must feel that by not complying with the isolation regime, they endanger at least 20 people if they breathe on one without even coughing. Many contagious people do not have clearly visible symptoms of the disease and they go to visit, to shops, go on a picnic with friends. Help the medical staff in hospitals - do not call in groups to inquire about one patient, buy mask suits and masks that they do not have enough, go out to work everyone who has a medical education in hospitals to help tired and exhausted health workers, close your salons and pay offices, in which there are no essentials yet, and go to the front line in the fight against coronovirus so that it does not rule over us!

    • Lyudmila. You are absolutely right, but how to convey this to the minds of people in the United States, and in all other countries? How much more grief and tears must there be for people to understand that the time has come to unite against one invisible enemy - the virus. Just think how quickly this pandemic could be beaten if we started taking care of others and not infecting them. And about the salons - this is already happening. Doctors are closing their offices. The main thing is not to be a hero on the front line, but simply not to sneeze at others, but to help them in any of their needs.

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