Coronavirus. There is no bad without good

The coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic is gaining momentum. She confidently walks the planet. She does not care about the state borders, which we so carefully protect. She gave rise to the boundless fear that now accompanies her on this campaign, the fear of contracting a new insidious virus. And we hide in our minks, trying to follow the instructions of the doctors in the hope that this time it will cost.

This is not the first time humanity has faced such a catastrophe. History knows epidemics of smallpox, cholera, typhus. They claimed many lives, or rather, the mortality rate from these epidemics reached 30%. But the biggest shock to humanity was the three plague pandemics. The plague was transmitted to people from the steppe rodents and raged with such cruelty that every person infected with it inevitably died in a few days.

Let's hope that the key to treating the coronavirus, from which up to 6% of those infected now die, will finally be found. And such terrible epidemics that our ancestors faced will not fall to our lot. And if doctors can't find a cure for this virus in the coming months, then we'll have to learn to live with it. Indeed, in the body of each of us, as scientists have calculated, there are up to 10,000 different types of bacteria. Most of them do us no harm. But in addition to useful, necessary, there are also pathogenic, harmful microorganisms. “Invisible, they constantly accompany a person, invading his life either as friends or as enemies,” writes Academician V.L. Omelyansky about this.

Why is nature so cruel to us? Why did she once again put us in a corner, like children who had been guilty of her? These are the questions that many of us are asking right now. Moreover, uncertainty hangs in the air, causing fears, anxiety, and depression. How all this will end is still unknown. But, of course, there is no need to panic.

On the eighth of March in the city center I accidentally met a young creative couple. The young man had a crown on his head, medical gloves on his hands, and next to him was a girl with a bouquet of tulips in her hands. To the surprised looks of people passing by, the guy confidently declared: “We will defeat the coronavirus!” And handed out flowers to women. Everyone smiled: because it was a holiday, and because hope dies last!

For some it was just a circus, but for others it was an opportunity to think about the role of man in this world. For thousands of years, man has wanted to rule over nature, to wear the crown of the ruler of the universe. And what did he come to?

Being an integral part of nature, it violates the harmony and balance in it. With its egoism, unkind thoughts, it generates numerous viruses, catastrophes, wars, because thought is a huge force. Here is what the writer, psychologist James Allen, says about this: “Always remember that the power of thought is very great. Prepare to use it to help the world." To help the world, not to evil!

But, as they say, there is no evil without good. Common trouble unites people. Perhaps this virus will help humanity finally grow up and learn how to build good ties with each other, change hatred for care and participation. And if we “cure” the relationship between us, get rid of harmful thoughts, then we can defeat any epidemic.


  1. Да именно этот вирус раскроет глаза человечеству, чтобы повзрослеть и научиться строить добрые связи друг с другом, и наконец-то поменять ненависть на заботу, помощь и поддержку друг другу. И если мы исправим наши отношения между нами, избавимся от пагубных эгоистичных мыслей наживы – ради себя, то сможем “вылечить” Человечество и построить новое сообщество, новую формацию без всяких эпидемий.

  2. This article provides an opportunity to reflect on the role of man in this world. Why is this happening? It turns out that man cannot control nature, and nature rules over man. Then how can we exist in this world? We are part of nature. Apparently, we are really doing something wrong ... We need to change our thoughts so that we are in harmony with nature and are part of it.

  3. Согласна с автором статьи, что общая беда объединяет людей, а поддержка друг друга – лучшее лекарство. Вирус исчезнет, как только мы изменим отношение друг к другу с неприязни и критики на помощь, заботу и поддержку. Попытаемся хотя бы захотеть измениться самим.

  4. Yes, a common misfortune unites people and requires a different attitude towards each other, because we all live together on the same planet and are very dependent on each other. Love will cover everything only in this way we can save our world. Together we will take such a step towards new changes in our lives.

  5. The virus showed that we live on the same Earth and we are all children of the Earth. We need to accumulate and improve the technique of saving people, and not the means of destruction. conquered half the universe.

  6. Прекрасно – теперь мы связаны вирусом…
    И никто не в стороне.
    Это же очевидно, что и наши связи друг с другом мы сможем исправить только вместе🌎🌏🌍💥💥💥🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

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