Coronavirus lesson


As I said in a previous article, in about two weeks the epidemic should subside and quiet down. But this is assuming that we will begin to change the system of forces and actions. What did I mean by that? First, let’s run through the facts.

A person-to-person disease has emerged. This disease is fatal, mostly to the elderly and chronically ill people. There is no cure for the disease. There is a costly diagnosis of the disease. Nature twists us around her finger and wants us to understand what we need to do today to avoid tragedy.

Let us follow the thoughts of the master who created this system and placed us all in it. We live in this world by the rules exactly backwards. We are made to enjoy taking care of each other. And what do we do in response? We’re just profiting off each other. And the faster we spin the wheel of selfish development, the harder it becomes to live. We are missing nothing. We need more money, and we rush somewhere to earn it. We work more than we have to, to the detriment of spending time with our loved ones with whom – whether you want to or not – you take care of each other. We are a family, and there is less and less time to maintain and preserve it.

We are trying with all our might to get away from the question: what is all this for? We travel, vacation, cheer on our teams in stadiums, concerts in huge halls, and have meaningless conferences at every point on the planet with huge numbers of people. We could go on and on about what we do for nothing.

And here we need to get into the consciousness of nature. Imagine her saying to us, “Guys, I’ve tried many times to have a dialogue with you, but you don’t learn anything. I have sent hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, when after a misfortune there was a feeling of closeness in those who survived. A feeling of compassion, love, mutual help. Just a warm relationship without prejudice. But for tomorrow, all is forgotten, and you are at a new point of reference. Today that point is called the coronavirus.”

And now Hollywood. If you run through the facts I laid out at the beginning, the only protection against this virus is quarantine and isolation. If we resist, we will be forced to do so. As a result, we will stop doing silly things that distract us from living according to the laws of the system – in mutual love for one another.

There will be no large gatherings of the people. Public transportation will be empty, stores will close, and drones will deliver food to homes. The Internet will remain, but there will be no television – too many people in one place is unacceptable. Bankers, bankers… what will bankers do?! And the exchange will not work. Everybody goes home. Just as a loving mother drives her child home to do her homework, nature will drive us home. And that’s not all. We need a happy ending, otherwise it’s not Hollywood.

If we knew and believed that the first part of the story could be real, we would begin to draw closer in our intentions to help each other. Imagine that somewhere out there in the crowd is your favorite child with a very weak immune system. You would make sure that no one in that crowd had a chance to infect the child. You do this out of love and compassion for the child. What if it’s not your child? Would you spit on the circumstances and move into the crowd if there were signs of a virus, even if not a coronavirus, but a simple viral runny nose?

There are a lot of questions about our connections. What is their focus? For yourself or for your neighbor? If we can change the selfish intention to the rule “Love your neighbor as yourself” and practice it, then in two weeks, as I promised, the wave of the epidemic will begin to subside. We will change our values, and we will not have to repeat the lesson of nature again.

How do you do that? If you’re interested, I’ll share.

Bless you!


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