Coronavirus - panic and reality

The coronavirus

As I suggested in the first article , the little coronavirus epidemic is on the wane. According to WHO statistics, the peak was on February 4, 2020. There will be a small surge due to distribution in other countries, but after 14 days it will also subside. This is the law of the life cycle of a virus.

The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, i.e., the liquid of a sick person, when sneezing and coughing, enters the mucous membrane of a healthy person. The virus is extremely unstable outside the body of a sick person.

So what is the prevention? Protect yourself from direct contact with drops of the patient on the mucous membranes and wash your hands. It would be nice to boost the immune system.

Well, here, calm down. Now let's talk about the other side of the coin - panic.

We live in a clearly balanced, interconnected, harmonious system. It's an amazing network of connections where one takes care of the other. And if we lived according to the laws of this system, life would be happier and more joyful.

But we put ourselves above the laws of nature. Yes, and a spurt of egoism in the 21st century does not help, but works to break ties. Selfishness makes us be above the other and everyone. It is he who does not give us life when the other has something better. We can clearly see this in our virus.

Instead of all states sitting down together and deciding how to get through this epidemic better and calmer, states are making their own calculations about how to rise above other countries. China has its interests, the US has its own. But it is not a common interest how to do so in order to prevent spread and improve treatment. The rulers are trying to quietly push through what is beneficial for them in relation to each other and the whole world. We see that a break in a coherent system of ties leads to even greater suffering throughout the world.

Today, China does not supply parts for many industries around the world, and we suddenly begin to feel that the global economy is collapsing because of this. There are no small or large in this system. Its smallest part is vital to the whole system. Nobody goes to China today. Tourism has froze, transport to and from China has been paralyzed - and this is a lot of money and the decline of many industries. Just think how many people are tied to tourism. I'm not talking about trains and planes, but about those who supply them with everything they need.

This is how the circles diverge and cover the entire planet. And all because of what? We don't want to learn the laws of relationships.

It would seem that it is easier to approach the issue of the spread of the epidemic together.

There is a patient who wants to be cured and one who does not want to get sick. Elementary... stop sneezing at each other. In the literal and figurative sense of the word. People must come to the conclusion that there is mutual responsibility. I emphasize - mutual! I am sick, I promise not to sneeze on others, and you promise to help me get well soon. Very simple.

But no. We organize a panic in order to make money in troubled waters. Shelves in grocery stores are emptying. People are stocking up on food that they will be forced to throw away in a month, because the epidemic will end and everyone will forget about it. But producers fatten on the grief of others. That's what a terrible muzzle our human egoism has. On the stock exchange, something is bought and sold, while thanks to the media we are in a panic.

But wait. An epidemic is only one, and not the most destructive, opportunity for nature to show us that we do not live by its rules and laws.

There are also good results of the coronavirus. Today, for a certain part of the population, it is crazy to drive in traffic jams, spend money if there is no way to work at home. But there is a twist here. If the boss trusts the employee, then everything is in order. And if the boss wants to catch the employee on the fact that he does not work 100%, working remotely, from home? Again, it all comes down to communication.

But the first step has been taken. So that the boss does not get infected with a terrible virus, let people work from home! .. It is interesting to follow how nature straightens us so that we acquire the correct form of our connections.

There is a method of combining, and it has been around for many years. It is she who tells about the laws of our relations. If anyone is interested, I can share.

In the meantime… don’t sneeze at each other, eat onions and garlic. Firstly, by doing this you will raise your immunity, and secondly, people will stop coming very close to you. We'll talk in a couple of weeks or a month, when this epidemic will leave horns and legs.

Be healthy!


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  1. All developed countries need to take care not only of themselves, but also of the poor African countries - if the epidemic reaches them, then they will not be able to take such measures as those taken in China and the whole continent will be under threat ... Hold on for two weeks and see ... Here, how important it is to be united!

  2. Very relevant article! The coronavirus has shown how all people are connected and dependent on each other. Violation of these ties can lead to a crisis in international trade, the fall of markets, and the cessation of many industries. Only by uniting can we find the right solutions to common problems and prevent the further spread of the virus.

  3. March article...
    Again and again I am convinced that everything leads us only to unity and changes in everyone. Internal changes, real, long-term😷❤️😷❤️😷❤️😷❤️😷❤️😷

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