Coronavirus – panic and reality


As I suggested in the first article, the little coronavirus epidemic is on the wane. According to WHO statistics, it peaked on February 4, 2020. There will be a small spike due to distribution in other countries, but after 14 days it will go down too. This is the law of the virus life cycle.

The virus is transmitted through airborne droplets, i.e. Fluid from a sick person when sneezing and coughing gets on the mucosa of a healthy person. The virus is extremely unstable outside the body of a sick person.

So what is prevention? Avoid direct contact of the patient’s droplets with mucous membranes and wash your hands. It would also be good to raise the immune system.

Well, that’s settled down. Now let’s talk about the other side of the coin: panic.

We live in a clearly balanced, interconnected, harmonious system. It’s an amazing network of connections where one takes care of the other. And if we lived by the laws of this system, life would be happier and more joyful.

But we put ourselves above the laws of nature. Yes, and the tug of selfishness in the twenty-first century does not help, but works to break ties. Selfishness causes us to be above the other and everyone else. It is the one that does not give us life when the other has something better. We can clearly see this in the example of our virus.

Instead of all the states sitting down together and deciding how best and calmly to get through this epidemic, the states are making their own calculations about how they can rise above other countries. China has its own interests, and the United States has its own. But it’s not the general interest in how to do things to prevent the spread and improve treatment. The rulers try to push through what is to their advantage in relation to each other and the world. We see that the rupture in the coherent system of connections leads to more suffering around the world.

Today, China is not supplying parts to many industries around the world, and we are suddenly beginning to feel that the global economy is collapsing because of it. There is no small or large in this system. Its smallest part is vital to the whole system. No one is going to China today. Tourism has come to a standstill, transportation to and from China is paralyzed – and that’s a lot of money and loss of many industries. Just think how many people are hooked on tourism. I’m not talking about trains and planes, but those who supply them with everything they need.

This is how the circles diverge and span the entire planet. What’s all this about? We don’t want to learn the laws of connection.

It would seem that it would be easier to approach the issue of the spread of the epidemic together.

There is a sick person who wants to be cured and one who doesn’t want to get sick. Elementary… stop sneezing on each other. Literally and figuratively. People have to come to the point where there is mutual responsibility. I emphasize – mutual! I am sick, I pledge not to sneeze on others, and you pledge to help me get well sooner. It’s very simple.

But no. We organize a panic to make money in troubled waters. Grocery store shelves are emptying. People stock up on food that they will have to throw away in a month, since the epidemic will be over and everyone will have forgotten about it. But the manufacturers are living off the woes of others. That’s the creepy face of our human selfishness. Something is being bought and sold on the stock exchange, while we are in a panic, thanks to the media.

But wait a minute. An epidemic is just one, and not the most destructive, opportunity for nature to show us that we do not live by its rules and laws.

There are also good coronavirus results. Today, for a certain segment of the population, it’s crazy to drive in traffic, to spend money if you can’t work from home. But there’s a catch. If the supervisor trusts the employee, it’s okay. What if the boss wants to catch an employee not working 100%, working remotely, from home? It’s all about connections again.

But the first step is taken. So that the boss doesn’t get the dreaded virus, let people work from home! It’s interesting to watch how nature riches us to get the right shape of our connections.

There is a methodology of unification, and it is many years old. It is she who tells us about the laws of our connections. If anyone is interested, I can share.

In the meantime… don’t sneeze on each other, eat onions and garlic. First, this will raise your immunity, and secondly, people will stop coming very close to you. We’ll talk in a couple of weeks or a month, when this epidemic is gone.

Bless you!


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