Coronavirus effect

The world is stunned by another imminent threat to humanity. The media are trumpeting the progress of the epidemic of this terrible and surprisingly “new” virus. Panic has spread beyond China. We are now in a sense of fear for our lives and the lives of our loved ones.
And is it so?

I am a long-time family doctor. Survived all the recent deadly swine, avian and other types of flu. And watching the media hysteria deployed to make a storm in a teaspoon. I am a very real person and I believe the facts. Let’s lay out the facts and then talk about why that is. To date, about 10,000 people have fallen ill. 213 died.

Every day 3,287 people die in car accidents. Every day 130 people die of drug overdoses in the United States alone. The National Agency for Disease Control in the United States has officially stated that 12,000 people die each year from the common flu.

And we are panicked by 213 deaths in one week?! Don’t get me wrong – my heart is with the families of those dead. But whose fault is that? Here we go from facts to speculation. Eating snakes and rats is what the media has led us to believe. Most likely, the Chinese government has decided to reduce the population….We can spend our whole lives in this speculation, but the answer is very simple: nature.

Nature is a force without emotion. You know, there is the force of gravity. You can pray and beg all you want, but if you step off the roof of a skyscraper, you won’t hover and you won’t fly – unless, of course, you’re a fictional fairy tale hero. You’re just going to get crushed. Is it worth arguing with objective law?

We are all one closed system. It’s so amazing to see how much wisdom there is in the way our bodies are created! If you give it only what it needs, it will live comfortably for many years. Every cell, regardless of organ or system, gives what it can to support the entire body. And what do we higher beings do? We pull the blanket over ourselves at the expense of our fellow human beings.

When we, as humanity, are disconnected and do not think in terms of one, unified body of humanity, nature gives us trials in the form of wars, earthquakes, famines, tsunamis and, of course, epidemics.

Under these circumstances, people begin to sympathize even with strangers. People are getting closer. And you don’t care what kind of car you drive anymore, if our getting closer can cause nature to begin to pity us, too.
We have absolutely everything to live happily. There is twice as much food as we need to exist. Everything else we eat to be fat and sick.

And there are enough roofs over everyone’s heads. Seeing the construction going on all over the world, we could easily fit all of humanity under comfortable roofs.
Our human nature is selfish. Who benefits from this panic? Who can profit from it and how? Or maybe it’s a distraction so people don’t notice what’s in front of our eyes? I have long since moved away from conspiratorial theories, having learned that there is one law over all that exists on earth: the law of nature. The law of unity and harmony.

What does nature have to say by giving us the coronovirus? Guys, let’s live together! Do you think that the idea of goodness lives only in the mouth of the cat Leopold in a children’s cartoon? And what can each of us do to give a smile to humanity? To see a stranger as an integral part of the complex system in which we live by the rules and laws of nature.

The epidemic will pass, but if we don’t get closer together, alas, there will be another and a third. Let’s ask ourselves, what can each of us do today to bring people around the world closer and kinder to one another?


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