The importance of thought in human life


“I love you” are words, a thought to which hearts respond.

Thoughts are the most important tool that affects our life, so a person is responsible for the quality of thinking.

Is it easy to control your thinking? Great scientists A.A. UkhtomskyW. Jems, J. M. Bennett, J. W. Bennett, J. M. Bennett, J. Bennett. Dewey and others justified developmental stages and types of thinking. Today anyone who strives for perfection, for love, can learn to cultivate the mindset, to capture, like a hunter, any negative thought. And learn to listen, understand, and most importantly, hear, feel, communicate to the environment that he is loved, respected, offering various tools to do so.

One tool is the ability to be silent. We know that the thought expressed, there are times when it doesn’t match the feeling, the experience, the right set of speech. And silence directs to observation, seeking and even stopping thinking, stopping the flow of selfish desire, tracking one’s mistakes.

The education of thinking is like cleaning a diamond from the plaque of unnecessary components, as. Thinking over his thoughts, a person corrects himself from negativity, self-love, learns to communicate the essence of his thoughts more clearly. By sharpening one’s thinking, one learns to feel one’s surroundings more subtly; accordingly, one expands one’s stock of words, metaphors, and develops a sense of support, where each protects the other with his or her wings of the heart. At the level of the family it is easier to understand, but how to understand it in a broader sense, relative to all of humanity? After all, a person can talk about nothing without expressing a single thought.

Being able to observe his thoughts, his desires, a person becomes stronger morally, this protects himself from those who manipulate him in his personal interests.

Many people today are zombified by the false information that pours out of the media. Control over one’s thoughts frees one from fears, doubts; otherwise, believing someone else’s thoughts, the subconscious mind will accept the imposed thought as a guide to action.

At the same time, when one has already chosen the best goal for oneself, one should protect oneself from any slightest doubt, from envy, because. it can destroy the intention of going after the true goal, destroying good ties.

Controlled consciousness is the source of happiness. This accumulated base of positive emotions is like a precious bank that provides benevolence and thus harmony and happiness. That’s why those who are filled with fear are easy to control. It’s important to learn to say no if it gets in the way of going your own way. By being able to control one’s thoughts, one also understands the intention of the other.

Everything in our lives is an accumulation of experience, so mistakes can be corrected, understood and we can move on in peace and joy. Deliberately controlling the quality of thoughts is like a general cleaning in an abandoned house, where all the rooms are suddenly bright, clean and cozy.

Some are in love with poetry, some with music, some are devoted to family, some work quietly and meaningfully, some explore the interconnectedness of everything in the universe – we are different. But purity of thought and love dissolves any ice of relationship, it can change the life of one person as well as many people.

So, purity of thought plays a key role in relationships and overall well-being. It can change not only the life of an individual, but also the entire society. This is the law of love, which, according to the integral methodology, should be the basis of life on the planet. Through mindfulness and awareness of our thoughts, we open the door to harmony, joy, and a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

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