Uncertainty in 2020


At the beginning of 2020, the world froze in uncertainty: political upheavals, environmental problems, an increase in violence and terrorism. And most importantly, the world does not have a strategy and understanding in which direction to move. Predictions of the economic crisis today are voiced by more than one prominent economist and scientist.

In 2008, the world was on the verge of collapse. Then the financial bubble in the US mortgage market almost blew up the global economic system. The financial disaster was only averted by the unprecedented measures taken by the Federal Reserve.

In Crashed, historian Professor Adam Toose sheds light on the dark moments of the 2008 financial crisis. He reveals how a small elite decided to inject trillions of dollars into the American banking system to forestall a crisis worse than the Great Depression of 1929. Mikhail Khazin paints a similar picture in his new book “Memories of the Future. Ideas of Modern Economics”.

Since the 2008 crisis, the liberal elite have been using financial juggling to control the global economy. It deliberately manipulates markets, consumers, interest rates, financial institutions, and the media to maintain its power and maintain the current economic paradigm that provides it with a constant influx of capital.

So what has changed in the last decade? The economic system seems safer than before. Not because the system has become more stable, but rather because it is more controllable. Capitalism has become cannibalism, with a limited elite that has solidified its dominance at the top of the food chain.

What is happening under the visible surface of world processes is the inevitable strengthening of our egoism. The human ego is the natural energy that fuels the fusion of wealth and power into unbridled power. However, this is only one side of the process.

Human development takes place in two parallel and opposite directions. Along with the ever-growing ego, there is a much less visible axis of global interdependence that gradually links all people and social systems on earth.

People are trapped in the selfish axis and suffer from global myopia. And the nature of human development requires them to walk with two feet: one foot would move along the selfish axis necessary for our growth, and the other towards a sense of mutual connection between all of us. Just as a person walks with two feet, civilization must correctly combine and balance the ego in order to direct it towards a healthy and positive development for all.

The global economy is nothing more than a reflection of the relationships among all people. Therefore, we must first balance our relations as parts of a single system that share a common destiny. When we start doing this, we will rebuild all our management systems, including economic and financial ones.

If we don't make it our free choice, the balancing forces of nature will force us to do it our way. Ecosystem shock, natural disasters or depletion of energy sources are examples of scenarios that will require painful social changes.

Ultimately, the 20s of the 21st century will resound in us with disappointment and helplessness, which will lead civilization to the question of the meaning of human existence and the desire to build a different society.


  1. Russia has been living in experiments for the second century, people have suffered, but somehow they survived, however, not everyone, unfortunately. In Africa, the main population has been suffering for several centuries and also somehow survive, in general, they are no stranger to us ... But the USA are not adapted for such cataclysms as are approaching the whole world, there will be nowhere to run, so we must heed such a call that permeates this entire article! We stand on the verge of survival or death ....

  2. How can we balance the ever-growing EGO of people and society? Only in the face of a common threat—a crisis or a natural disaster—is our interdependence revealed. Scientists can be the first to feel the approach of such threats and prepare for global changes in all spheres of life. Only by joining their efforts, they will be able to find a way to overcome all problems.

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