Spiritual desire


There is an emerging spiritual desire for mankind today. It indicates the pursuit of a higher state – altruism and interconnectedness. Because of the novelty of this desire and the inability to understand its realization, humanity feels disoriented.

Unlike previously developed materialistic desires-such as the desire for sustenance, reproduction, family ties, financial success, recognition, domination, and intellectual achievement-this emergent desire lacks tangible examples for realization. This is due to its intangible, spiritual nature, which requires a paradigm shift in our understanding and perception of reality.

This necessary paradigmatic shift challenges our fundamentally rooted, innate self-centered predispositions to maximize personal gain. These predispositions act as a framework to guide our interactions with the environment to maximize personal gain. Such interactions are characterized by mechanisms such as strategy, duplicity, and socio-political maneuvering. Remarkably, these mechanisms are embedded in our social constructs. Which allows them to dictate approaches to both receiving and giving, regardless of our inherent greed or guile.

Nevertheless, new, hitherto untested forces, characteristics, and desires are emerging: the underlying desire for interaction with others, altruism, and unity.

The incipient inner desire is a reflection of the essence of nature, which is fundamentally characterized by altruism. Thus, love can be postulated as the guiding principle of nature. As humanity has evolved, there has been a clear trend toward a deeper appreciation of nature in its most fundamental form.

How does this realization manifest itself? As a growing recognition of complex global interconnections and dependencies.

In our world, as global interconnectedness and interdependence increase, the natural spirit of love, altruism and interconnectedness becomes evident. The way forward involves moving from self-centeredness to altruism.

Otherwise – if we don’t change our attitude toward each other from selfish to altruistic – we will feel that more and more confusion will enter our lives. And it’s like a dark cloud increasingly thickening over us.

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