The cell phone and brain development


A cell phone is the first thing that comes into our hands after waking up in the morning. Most people start their day with a kind of informational “breakfast”. People of all ages have immersed themselves in social media. So they walk down the street, becoming like question marks.

Children from an early age cannot tear themselves away from playing games on their cell phones or consoles, and parents do not pay attention to the fact that the games are aggressive. The media impose different fears about the climate, reinforce negativity towards each other, change the understanding of beauty standards, after which many people, for example, rush to have plastic surgery.

It is known that advertising is capable of introducing any kind of programs into the human brain. Is there knowledge on how to resist advertising and any other people’s influence?

Every action we perform is connected to our brain. The quality of the brain’s neural connections can be complex, simplistic, primitive. Psychologists suggest teaching children to understand their feelings, to be able to name them. Scientists explain that the brain must be trained to be aware in order to avoid acting on automatic. The brain must be given a task, there must be a desire to change your thoughts, emotions, reactions.

If no such task has been given to the brain, then in the morning, upon waking, viewing familiar information, the brain reacts in a familiar way or treads in past memories. What’s wrong with that?

Habitual patterns of behavior are fixed, reactions are repeated without reflection, hence no brain development. This is why scientists are worried, as constant, habitual actions prevent new neural connections from being made and lead to a depressed state that is easy to control.

We often don’t believe we can make a difference in ourselves. And yet, world-renowned professor, neurolinguist Tatiana Chernigovskaya urges to pay attention to this and read complex books, good poems, learn foreign languages, listen to music, find everything that develops, creates complex neural connections of the brain.

Internet lectures are available to all ages, and school children want to understand themselves better and become stronger in body and heart. So at a meeting with a martial arts master, a high school student asked: “How do you become self-confident?” The Master replied that it’s important to know what your goal is. If there is a desire to be thinking, conscious, then it is worth studying non-aggressive types of oriental arts, and he named some of them: Tai-Chi, Baguazhang, Wing Chun.

These types require an inner style of work, form complex qualities of the psyche, and develop the consciousness of the warrior (not military), the boy, the man. There is an ethical and moral aspect to these types of wrestling. This is exactly what forms a true warrior. Along with this, the master suggested not to play cell phone games at all, as they make thinking superficial, empty, dirty: literally a week without games – and children’s brains will calm down.

As soon as a person takes the first steps to become conscious of every action, they look closely at their actions, asking themselves the question: what did I do wrong today? What’s worth changing? How susceptible am I to an outburst of emotion in different areas of communication? How much of what the media and my surroundings tell me is true?

Immediately the process of brain evolution begins, there is a gradual replacement of one’s automatic thoughts, emotions. It’s a good idea to already program yourself for new behaviors from the evening – all before picking up the phone in the morning. Correcting oneself is a long journey, but this is how one comes to have confidence, clear thinking, a sense of respect for oneself, the ability to see the truth, and avoid any false influence. As a result, the individual will create conditions in society that will value him or her. The warrior game can easily replace mobile games.

Integral Relationship Methodology is attracting more and more people of all ages. One sees not only external beauty, but develops a special, subtle taste for the coherence of all relationships. Develops an inner need to see harmony in everything – this property attracts people.

So, I’m changing – I’m stopping repeating yesterday’s thoughts and emotions. My nerve cells memorize new actions, retuning to an active conscious life, which reinforces the positive aspects of character.

There is a program of love living in each of us, but it needs to be given support. We need integral education to figure out how to tame, to appease our selfishness. Selfishness loves to explain why the other is wrong – because it only loves itself.

The strength to correct oneself can be given by like-minded people who also want to walk the path of correcting themselves, who want to live with love in their hearts, without conditions and without explanations.

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