Now they don’t cut through windows, they nail them shut.


There’s an election going on in the United States. This is another historical process that is important for the whole world. Reading the latest news, you just can’t believe what the most economically developed, militarily strong and diverse country in the world could be reduced to. Now, from the Capitol in Washington, D.C., to all the famous main streets with huge storefronts and loud restaurants, to the streets with small stores, cafes and private houses, the windows of the first and even the second floors are nailed up. And this is happening in a number of major cities in America.

Restaurant and store owners say they don’t care whose supporters smash up their establishments. The coronary crisis has already hit private business very hard, so you don’t want to lose the last one. Although at the moment the police have no clear evidence that a serious riot is planned, law enforcement officials are preparing to act decisively. According to the guards, mass demonstrations after the elections are inevitable, whatever the outcome of the voting.

Such uncoordinated but identical expectations, serious preparedness on the part of both the population and the police, are astonishing. And, of course, the reasons for expecting such events manifest themselves against this backdrop. The main reason for this is long-standing and lies in the origins of the state itself and its further direction of development.

The ideology of the States is a democratically free development, where every citizen or society has its rights and freedoms and can protect them within the law. It is no secret that the U.S. has always been not only the number one economy in the world, but also an example for all countries to build a democratic society. All the economic terms and concepts, all the business training and psychological courses, all the show business, the movie industry came to us from there. They set the tone and trends to follow, gave birth to new stars and idols for the whole world.

And now Americans are boarding up windows and fleeing from their own fellow citizens.

This state has always responded to massive world events in any country and could either praise or censure for the state’s wrong nurturing of its people, modern society. Behind this “concern” for the development of other countries was strong financial support and America’s desire to become a “roof” for the country it was patronizing. And then – the involvement of this state in NATO projects, the expansion of NATO territories for the deployment of troops and military power, which countries had only to agree to because of the financial dependence on the United States. Now we see firsthand the consequences of a frivolous democratic development in which it is necessary to save and protect America from itself, from its own people.

For young and promising people around the world, the U.S. is a paradise abroad, a country where you can make your dreams and dreams come true, fully realize yourself, create and make money, without regard to the opinion of others. After all, the laws of each state are individually and as freely as possible, and a person has a wide range of choices of acceptable place of residence and work.

Of course, the same democratic development took place in Europe, and freedom of expression is declared and protected. Yet European countries have individual, deep folk roots, traditions, customs, and history. For example, if in Hungary population The population is 9.7 million, in Switzerland 8.8 million, where you can immediately identify, monitor and control the migrant on their territory, the population of Slovakia is even smaller – 5.5 million people, in Slovenia only 2 million, and in Iceland even less – 342 thousand people. Accordingly, freedom of expression is out of the question: the people are as plain as day, and any newcomer has to reckon with the national principles of the country, with his new surroundings. So in Europe, only capital cities have this prerogative of unlimited freedom, as, in principle, everywhere in the world.

And the paradise place that is the United States of America – even with 50 states with a total population of 331 million – the numbers in individual states range from 39.5 million (California) to 580,000 (Wyoming) – has no common root among peoples, no single ethnic culture and history. Every American has his own background, his own ancestral land, his own values and traditions. It turns out that generally accepted U.S. holidays and events are not based on deep historical roots, but on uniting the same common interests and benefits of today’s day in order to somehow manage the population and allow citizens to coexist with each other. This leads to everyone promoting their own understanding of the world, religion, culture, and way of life. And no one owes anyone anything.

According to the laws of nature, such a direction of development is egoistic, where people do not try to find common ground and common interests, values and goals. This is the opposite of the state of nature, where all living and non-living things, likened to each other, are in harmony. On the contrary, Americans are giving birth to new subcultures, new philosophies of life, where there is no place for others, where the “I” of man comes first. This leads to a shallow fragmentation of society, a fracturing of society. Naturally, misunderstanding and irritation with each other grows. And in case of trouble, except for the rescue service, a person has no one to turn to, no one’s neighbor…. Thus, many Americans spend their old age all alone, and many in nursing homes.

Knowing this outcome of life in this country, seeing the examples of the older generation, people already at a young age are susceptible to depression, getting hooked on drugs and antidepressants. To earn your first million, you must go through all the circles of hell, endure a series of humiliations of his dignity, dreaming with a cigar in his teeth and a glass of whiskey in his hand with relish to spit on everyone. It becomes a high value and a goal for the rest of one’s life.

You don’t have to be a smart aleck to understand what this once-great country, and the world after it, are heading for. To the great collapse and collapse of values. Clearly, after the vote, America is in for a tumultuous time. The whole world waits with great trepidation to see who will be president. That said, no matter whom the people choose, no matter how much the losing candidates criticize the elections, we want people to go on living, not fighting. So that there would be no casualties and no violence. So that everyone’s problem would only be the coronavirus. After all, it is he who today can unite all peoples and countries with one problem and misfortune.

And where people unite to save one another, where there is compassion and empathy for one another, a new, healing and creative force is born. Let us all together wish America peace, enlightenment, and prosperity with whatever the outcome of the vote. Even this mental association of a great number of people with a single good wish can change the world for the better.

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