Is equality possible in society?


Today, society is hotly discussing the topics of social and gender equality. But the fact is that we do not understand in what we can be equal. After all, equality is the opposite of human nature.

Современный человек не способен вытерпеть равенства и измерить его сегодня. Мы четко понимаем, что значит быть выше или ниже других. У нас в этом накоплен многовековой опыт. Там, где начинается равенство, мы теряем ощущение. Равенство – это некая средняя линия. Нет ничего более противного для нас, чем равенство, потому что тогда стирается всякая индивидуальность человека.

There are people who get used to equality and enjoy it, for example, like soldiers in the army. Each of them performs its own mechanical function. At the same time, they have a certain common goal. And if we are talking about the development of society, then we cannot make sure that all people are similar and equal, like soldiers. Then the whole society will simply freeze.

Scientific research, our observations indicate that there is no equality in nature and cannot be. Otherwise, all nature would be leveled. We see constant dissimilarity, inequality, all kinds of contradictions, separation and repulsion from each other. This is what creates all the richness of colors, the properties of nature. Otherwise, nothing would exist. If one were identically equal to the other, then how could these parts join and complete each other? If everyone were equal, absolutely similar, identical, then we simply would not be able to exchange with each other, receive, give to each other, develop.

If we are created different, how can we be equal? By nature, we are all created unique and unrepeatable. And this difference should not be erased, destroyed or elevated to the rank of not useful or not suitable. On the contrary, we must highlight our difference, our properties, differences, qualities as much as possible, make them more convex, strong and bright.

So what is equality in society?

Let's imagine that everyone, as far as he is able to make an effort, does everything good for the benefit of the whole society. Equality is considered according to the specific state: I do as much as I can and you do as much as your nature allows.

We will be able to appreciate this approach to equality from the new education system that is being formed right now in society. This comes from such an understanding of the laws of nature, where each is accepted with its unique properties: one is strong, the other is cunning, the third is smart, the fourth is energetic, and someone can be angry or stubborn. We do not evaluate a person according to the volume, quantity and quality he gives to society. We look at the indicator of how much he gives all the best under those individual conditions that are given to him by nature.

What are different sections of society fighting for today? To ensure that every person has equal opportunities and access to appropriate upbringing, education, living and working conditions. From the point of view of nature, we need to give each person the optimal, necessary opportunities for him, for his proper development in society. To society received from him the maximum of what he is able to give. This is what equal opportunity is all about.

Who determines what is good for society? Society itself broadcasts this through the integral system of education. Right now, during the global crisis, it is being formed.

Everything rests on education, which should lead a person to the feeling of his need to give to society everything that he can. And these are not utopian ideas of communities or communist altruism.

Let's imagine a society where everyone is given full-fledged living conditions, the whole range of knowledge and opportunities, and everyone is directed to a new stage of development, where there is energy, a force that can bring humanity to a new level of connections. All unite with each other in order to absorb properties from this force for their development. Everyone absorbs as much as he can and in the style that he needs, which is closer to him in terms of qualities and properties. And then everyone develops within themselves according to the initial data, the spiritual genes that exist in each of them. At the next stage, we say how everyone should give, give to the best of their ability.

Дать всем возможность реализовать себя на пользу общества – это обязанность государства. Где равенство – это равенство возможностей, равенство в приложении усилий.

We are different in our functions and abilities. It is in complementing each other that harmony is achieved. We must maximize the potential that it can give society. To do this, we need to give everyone equal opportunities for individual independent development.

Without revealing a new level of development, we will not be able to become equal, because we need some kind of common denominator. The good of society no longer interests us. We have risen above it. Our selfishness will not allow us to achieve equality. This is possible provided that we all unite in our highest root from which we originated. We will understand why we are different. And it is this difference in the integral sum that will give a sense of equality.

The secret is that we don't have to strive for mechanical equality. We need to act according to the formula of nature, according to its laws, despite the fact that we will be different, we will be equal.

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