How to conquer the fear of a pandemic

Today’s knowledge of the past does not help us. Our parents survived the war, devaluation, change of power and system, quite a bloody redistribution of the state. We have never before been in a position of total isolation and panic because of an invisible enemy for whom there are no borders and no authority.

Everything was good, though – working as a doctor, practicing. A roof over our heads and food in the house. Family and our meeting time in the evenings, when each adult returns from work and the child from school and after-school care. Going somewhere on the weekend. We went to the store when we had to. There isn’t much food in the refrigerator because. You buy fresh food almost every day. Vacation is planned, buying a new car. I don’t want to live. And suddenly – stop car!

Some obscure time has come. We are no longer in a past life and not yet in a new one. It’s uncomfortable, unaccustomed, and most importantly, scary for us here. It’s scary that we can get infected and die. It’s scary for our family and friends, especially if they are in the at-risk category. The fear is that there will be no work and no means of livelihood. As a result, a hungry, militant mob may appear in the streets and begin to loot in desperation. The fear of going crazy from this confinement and being with the same people twenty-four hours a day. No rest from these faces. What fears do not exist!

By definition, fear is a lack of faith. Faith, not in something or someone, but a sense of certainty about the next moment of your life.
But how do you acquire that sense of security when common sense tells you that Armageddon is out there? It’s very much like it’s the end of the world and there will be no more of the life that was, and that was so great. It is so symbolic that Pesach came right in the midst of the changes in our lives.

The Jews, too, were enjoying themselves in Egypt until the Creator inflicted ten plagues on the people. And the people went out of Egypt-the old world-into the new world. And this people wandered through the desert for forty years with all sorts of adventures until they came to the promised land. It looks like we’re right in that wilderness, too. What helped the people then?

Look back at your happy life and count the moments of real happiness. It wasn’t that you were getting paid for a job in which you were tied up with bureaucracy from head to toe. The demands and, on the other hand, the indifference of management to you, the unfairness of your pay. Money, Money…. As much as possible to save money and squeeze it out of the workers to make money.

And the real happiness is to be with the people you love – family and friends. There were not many such moments because. everyone is busy doing something. What are you doing? Chasing his tail, spinning in place. Now there is time to be with the people you love. There’s time!

I have spent more time with my child in the last week than I have in months past. Just a buzz: sitting at home, treating people over the Internet. Well, how would I be with a kid in the office between patients? And here I can’t wait until morning to continue watching the child grow up. This is the first child of four when circumstances have helped to bond and watch him develop. Moreover, to be an active participant in this development.

I don’t want to go back to the way things were. It is rarely necessary to touch the patient in order to diagnose and prescribe treatment. And for those who need to be physically examined, we’ll set aside one day a week to receive the old-fashioned way.

Usually out of a twenty-minute appointment, direct contact with the patient is hardly half the time, and sometimes a third of the time. Everything else is a computer and records. For whom? For officials? And today I spend all twenty minutes with the patient eye-to-eye, as if I were talking to a friend. Patients “squeal” with delight at such attention, and everyone feels good.

From now on, we can build a new world. Without fear and without looking back. The new world will bring a new, right relationship of genuine concern for one another. I don’t think anyone would give it up. There will be no bad thoughts or evil intentions, because. love will be our patron. If we all want it, nature will help us. The sages once already described this process of coming out of their selfishness (Egypt) and their desire to profit from each other.

Well, if we don’t want to, we’ll have to come to it. Nature will make.

I don’t want to suffer for myself, for my loved ones, or for all mankind. All it takes is very little to appreciate where we used to be and wish for a new world of love and happiness. Get through quarantine quietly, helping each other. We will be so busy taking care of each other that there will be no room for fear. The virus will go away, and people will continue to take care of each other.

In the meantime, in our current environment, we sit happily at home, eat healthy foods and do a little physical activity, enjoy our family, and struggle to find information about a brighter future. We connect with our loved ones through the Internet, because. They have nothing else to do, just like you, and they expect it just as much as you do. Then the only fear left is the fear of coming back to where we were before. After all, today we all want a better world for all mankind.

Continue to be healthy and loving, and confidence will come from your loved ones!

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