Coronovirus on its way to reality

The meaning of communication is in its result. A man of the third millennium, Homo Spiritus, a spiritual man, must understand today that he is responsible for the situation that has developed not only in his life, but also in the life of the surrounding society.

Why did Coronovirus appear?

Because people have become aggressive not only to those around them, but also to themselves. Values are lost. Forever dissatisfied with their children, parents, husbands, wives, bosses, politicians, their welfare and even the weather.

The Earth’s Noosphere – a sphere of nature-society-human interaction – is filled with negative thought-forms.

And surprisingly, this is observed in all countries! The higher the standard of living, the greater the dissatisfaction.

In this difficult time, everyone must understand that all the events that are now taking place have already been foreordained in their thoughts and actions.

It was found that diseases are given to man to stop and think, but whether he lives the right way, whether he thinks rightly, whether he needs so many negative emotions such as envy, jealousy, aggression, dissatisfaction with their situation and even themselves? Without realizing it, people send all this negativity to the Noosphere, and do not take into account that thought is material!

The pandemic situation gave us precious time to clear negative thoughts, remove negative emotions, and evaluate everything we own. Your destiny is in your thoughts. Practice controlling your positive thought forms. Talk to yourself slowly and thoughtfully.

To that end, I suggest:
First. Try to understand those around you.
Second. Put yourself in your neighbor’s shoes, how would you act if you were in his position?
Third. You have to learn to think, say and do the same thing.

Remember: the constant pursuit of profit weakens the physical body. Understand and believe that by demanding from others what you want, you give up your energy, so you weaken yourself, lower your immunity, and this is a favorable environment for the coronovirus. With positive thoughts and a feeling of love for those around us, we will overcome the test that has been sent to us.

Президент Международной общественной организации по развитию культуры и науки "Международная Академия духовных наук", кандидат философских наук, лауреат Международной награды имени Сократа, лауреат Почётной награды «Интеллект Нации», лауреат Международной премии Ордена «Содружество», Почётный профессор Международного Университета Вены (Австрия), член Клуба ректоров Европы,член Оксфордского Академического Союза.

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