behind the scenes of reality


A virtual animal zoo has opened in Japan. Its inhabitants are 7D projections. All animals are recreated to the smallest detail and it is difficult to distinguish them from the real ones. The idea of the zoo is for the viewer to experience a unique experience of interaction in virtual reality. The invention is a clear and bright hologram. But technology also includes smells, sounds, and even sensations.

Having created a whole virtual world, Japan stepped into the future. The question arises: Why then this reality that we see, if you can create such a reality without leaving your home? Will we be able to distinguish material reality from virtual reality?

How far will we reach with this construction of absolute reality? And what if we reach the point of creating such a reality, behind which we find the Great Projectionist who plays a movie for us?

And what is interesting in this film is not that it exists or not, but that it scrolls for everyone in its own way. Can you imagine how many of these devices should be?! To each in his own way, and in accordance with the rest, and they are all interconnected. This is real cinema!

Each of us has our own life, destiny, parents, children, ancestors, photographs, films, countries, languages, nations! And all this, the projectionist who spins this movie, and we live in it? For what?

Or maybe in order to get through this illusion to the plan of the Projectionist, to the one who shot this film, who processed it, made it for us, and plays the finished script for us, the finished film, so that we understand His plan and through this film united with Him. So perhaps this movie is leading us to uncover the true reality!

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